This simple and fun game promotes friendship and physical activity!
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This simple and fun game promotes friendship and physical activity!

What you need:

  • 38 small beans bags for throwing. Make them yourself!
  • 1 large die
  • A bucket


  • Have two lines of seated participants facing each other; 4 or 5 people on each side to form two teams.
  • Place the bucket in the middle of the two teams.
  • Each player will throw the die to establish how many bean bags he/she may throw. 
  • When the last person from the first team finishes, count how many bean bags are inside the bucket. Do the same with the second team.
  • The team that scores most bags in the bucket wins the game! Hand out prizes!

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Jodi 21st Jul 2019 Activity Offocer
Loved this activity, played with my folk,although i only had four aside,if a six was rolled, i just had the person rolling the dice to choose two folk on opposite them to throw twice. Lots of fun especially when a person had to pick the extra thrower.
Talita 22nd Jul 2019
Thanks so much for your feedback Jodi!
Susan 8th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Great ideas Amanda
Using beanbags is so versatile
As you explained they have good uses for physical and mental function
I am so happy you are enjoying this site there are certainly a lot of great ideas here
Thank you
Amanda 8th Jul 2019 Older Adults Instructor/Dementia Volunteer
Hi everyone, I’ve just joined, and it’s fabulous site. Couple of different ideas for bean bags. I use them for hand eye coordination, passing the bb from hand to hand, the further the hands are from each other the harder it is. Throw and catch in the non dominant hand first. Throw and catch then take the bb under each leg (seated). The bb can be thrown to a ‘called out’ number on a floor mat, or throw out from 1-10. Always lots of laughs as inevitably lots of bb dropsies, usually from me
Solange 8th Jul 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Amanda, very creative your spin to the bean bag game! Welcome, and thank you very much for sharing.
Sue 13th Apr 2019
Thank you so much for the ideas .I've also done 3 fishing rods made fish put nos on them plus some extra with questions to make it a bit more enjoyable x
Sally 6th Oct 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
I'm loving this idea, can any one give me an idea how big the bean bag should be for ease of throwing and handling I'm thinking about 6x6 inches filled with rice maybe!
Solange 6th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Sally the bean bags are usually 4 by 4 inches or 10 cm by 10 cm but you can do the size you like. Don’t fill them too much; they should be fairly soft for easy throwing. Good luck!
Jodi 9th Jan 2018 Activity Offocer
What a great game will be trying this out, this site is the best.
Talita 14th Jan 2018
Thanks so much Jodi!
yasmin 20th Jun 2017 Recreational therapist
I am going to prepare my bean bags soon and then try with my residents.sounds fun and my residents will love it
Talita 26th Jun 2017
Thanks Yasmin, love to hear how it goes!
Shelley 28th Nov 2016 Music therapist
sandra 3rd Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator
ohhh fab idea!!!! Im going to introduce this into my Oct calendar :-)
Solange 1st Jun 2015 Diversional Therapist
Thank you Morena, great idea the Modified Pig Pong game!
Morena 31st May 2015 Diversional Therapist
That is wonderful idea solange I organised similar game with my residents in the facility, I named Modified Ping pong table game. Seated all residents around the table, place a small bucket on the centre of the table and give 3 balls (different colours smiling face stress ball) to each participant. The object is to release the balls into the bucket so they bounce and throw the ball into the bucket; without losing any along the way. The score is 1 point for each throw. Is good for concentration, eye coordination and gently upper body exercise. They really have fun.

Kind Regards
marie 24th Sep 2013 diversional therapist
we play a similar game at our Day Centre,, one side throws a dice,the other side has the chance to throw that number of bean bags in the bucket.Each side has a go the team who have most number of bags each time wins. we use only 6 bean bags to match the dice ,,so if a member throw a six the other team has to try and get the six bags in the bucket,eg,thow number one dice then theother team throw one bag in the bucket.This is very popular game with our members,it sounds similar.
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