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sandra 28th Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator


Hi and thank you to all that replied :-) We put balloons up everywhere and had daffodils on the tables and also at the front counter. Yes Talita I'm already in the Facebook group :-)
sandra 21st Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator


Daffodil day... Do you have any activities regarding this day anybody??
sandra 2nd Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator


I have a years worth of those magazines....Love them and use them all the time.. I think they are copy write but we could maybe pop up some ideas from them :-)
sandra 4th May 2016 Activities Coordinator


Pamper - hand massages, nails cut. nails painted. A popular activity where I work is I get a large whiteboard write a word on it, and they have to use those letters and call out words from it and you write them under the word - the ones that cant see the board, I write it on paper for them to hold on to. - we got 120 words from one just last week....see if they can beat the amount of words each week! we have rest home @hospital join in.. This usually goes between half n hour to a can usually gauge when to finish. And now the residents are approaching me with words to use lol. Put on some up beat music that they know and do some exercises. Get someone in to do a art demo...Recruit volunteer's, good luck :-) You can do it!!! I had one of the big bosses tell me she would work anywhere in a rest home apart from 2 was kitchen and the other was activities!!! Too hard basket for her!!! Keep your chin up and know you are doing a fabulous job!! :-)
sandra 21st Dec 2015 Activities Coordinator

Men's Business - Outings

we do a men's group once a fortnight in the afternoons. I set up a table with drinks and nibbles and we sit and discuss we are going on a day trip over to Mount manganui (about an hour and half drive away) and we are going to have a look at the ships coming in and we are going to have fish n chips on the beach. The men are really excited about this and are all talking about it!! We are also getting in guest speakers eg from Fonterra and anchor, and are also looking at going other places for the day as well xx
sandra 3rd Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator

Jar of Sweets Competition

what a great going to try this at Christmas :-)
sandra 3rd Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator

Scented Bath Salts

fabulous ideas...yes I would be interested in the soap one to please??
sandra 3rd Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator

Men's Group

I have just started a men's group and for the first one we had a meeting.. I gave each man in the group (5 men) the opportunity to give ideas on what they would like to do xx one suggested a speaker from the local sawmill, another wanted a speaker from the company he used to work at (Anchor) Another one suggested the local s.p.c.a bring in some animals, one was quite happy to join in with anything and the last one wants updates on what playing at the local theatre and drama plaza. We also decided to have nibbles and beer at each meeting and they were all keen on that idea (hehehe) So our next mens group is tomorrow....will be interesting to see if the same ones turn up!!
sandra 3rd Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator

Bucket of Bean Bags Game

ohhh fab idea!!!! Im going to introduce this into my Oct calendar :-)