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Sally 16th Mar 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

10 Sensory Activities for Men

Wow! These are great suggestions, our dementia specific wing is predominantly male and not all are at the same level of cognitive decline. Thank you for these small group activities.
Sally 14th Sep 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hi I'm sure Ive read somewhere this week that next week is Dementia awareness week but I cant find any info or resources any where! Can anyone help me!
Sally 23rd Jun 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Reminiscing: How to Create a Memory Board

This is a great program to do leading into July 1st new standards, person centred care is what it's all about, I love the idea of other staff being involved gleaning the information to get to know their residents
Sally 30th Mar 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Creative Easter Mini Wreaths

So beautiful and simple, I'm going to use this craft for ANZAC day activity too!
Sally 9th Feb 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Valentine's Day Hearts

These are lovely, I'm thinking a photo copy of a recent photo of a loved one could be glued on the cut out heart too! I've done similar thing with large heart shaped paper doilies purchased from $2 shop, very cheap and effective activity, then staple onto curling ribbon/ ribbon to make bunting
Sally 13th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator


Our program similar to this is called a Community circle, it goes from 15-30 minutes depending on the success and size of group, mixed stages of cognitive decline sit together in a circle and they pick a topic from flash cards, before you know it they're communicating and reminiscing, I just sit back in wonder, and smile and listen to their wonderful life stories
Sally 13th Nov 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

Christmas Bingo

I'm off to work to print this off this morning! Brilliantly done, thank you, just in time for Christmas season, my residents would play bingo 5days a week if I let them
Sally 6th Oct 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

Bucket of Bean Bags Game

I'm loving this idea, can any one give me an idea how big the bean bag should be for ease of throwing and handling I'm thinking about 6x6 inches filled with rice maybe!
Sally 5th Sep 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

Only today my boss asked me to source and make cue cards for a Russian resident who has recently come to the high care facility where I work, she is in advanced stage of dementia and already reverted back to her native language of Russian, within days another resident joins us and she's German! This sight is amazing! Hopefully these residents' lives will be enriched and their ability to communicate to me their needs, easier! Thank you so much
Sally 28th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator

Egg Carton Bingo

Love love love it!