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Music therapist From New York, United States

About Shelley: I am a board-certified music therapist, certified dementia practitioner and board certified activity consultant who develops progeam ideas for people with dementia. A published author, I enjoy interacting with people and incorporating their favorite activities in a program where they are engagd find success.

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Shelley 27th Aug 2019 Music therapist

3 Minute fudge

thank you for the recipe. we have also made fudge in a bag, allowing for some sensory in the "squishing" of ingredients
Shelley 10th Apr 2019 Music therapist

Gelli Plate Prints

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Print making
Shelley 10th Apr 2019 Music therapist

Soap Making Recipe

The quality of ingredients is important. Loafs of goat milk soap is available online and can be melted in a glass meaduring cup. Be aware of essential oils, using the purest forms. Different oils have different dilution properties. Soap dye is better than food coloring. Have minimum safety daya sheets on hand. Dry garden flowers to add to the soap base. Be aware of allergies
Shelley 10th Apr 2019 Music therapist

Turntable Record Playing

We have played records, and while listening, on a 12 x 12 piece of paper we have designed our own interpretation of the record cover. These can then be framed in 12 x 12 scrapbook frames.
Shelley 1st Jan 2019 Music therapist

Food of the World Quiz II

I would love to see some recipes to go with this quiz, then I could offer an around the world program with some of your favorite tried and true recipes. thank you for sharing this quiz.
Shelley 17th Nov 2018 Music therapist


Look at your recreation assessments and consider what items you can leave out unsupervised safely. If they like board games, card games, then that is what you could leave out. A surveyor will want to see that there is accessibility to items of interest. I have out a large connect four game, large checkers rug and checkers, movies, word search and other puzzles, playing cards, dominoes, jigsaw puzzles, adult coloring supplies.
on our dementia care unit we have fewer items out, but the staff have the key to the activity cupboards to get supplies at any time of day.
Shelley 17th Nov 2018 Music therapist


What state are you in? There is not a Federal regulation currently.
Shelley 17th Nov 2018 Music therapist


engage people in a conversation about gratitude. Write their thoughts on leaves that you assemble on branches for centerpieces. write a Thanksgiving Story Mad Lib style.
Write a Thanksgiving poem. Exercise to the song Turkey In The Straw. roll out fimo clay or Sculpey into tukeys, using vibrant colors for the feathers.
Shelley 5th Jun 2018 Music therapist

Match Ups

these are great images. thank you for sharing
Shelley 9th May 2018 Music therapist

Bird Types Matching Game

great pictures !!