We tried this out yesterday at our Memory Club and is was great fun!

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Susan 21st Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thanks Diane for your clarification I hope this helps Robin
Diane 19th Oct 2019 Memory Club Volunteer
I’m so sorry for confusion, the game is a traditional British one!!
Basically arrange your hoops in a pattern that suits your room, number the hoops and in number sequence try to hit the wooden ball with the wooden mallet through the hoop, I hope the photo’s help.
Susan 16th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Do you need to keep the balls from rolling or is that part of the game ??let us know
Robin 16th Oct 2019 Director Of Recreation
I don't see any other instructions for the game? I would think that the balls would roll away.
Susan 11th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Great idea Diane
Your tips are also very valuable
Diane 9th Oct 2019 Memory Club Volunteer
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Indoor croquet