I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter Singalong & Exercise

I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself a Letter Singalong & Exercise

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Here is a really enjoyable singalong that incorporates some gentle exercises.

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Gwyneth 12th Nov 2020 Volunteer
I'm gonna sit right down and right myself a letter singalong and exercise.9.11.20
Hello Karen, it was nice to read your comments and thank you - music activities are the best!
I am Welsh, and they are noted for their love of music, it is so relaxing and revitalising, and like you - in my volunteer work, at a Day Care Centre for the elderly, I play the piano, do a lot of singalongs, exercises to music, old time dances, anything involving music, it brings laughter and pleasure. I also play the piano at the local hospital and the Doctor says the patients blood pressure is pretty good when they hear me playing, We seem to have a lot in common, nice to meet you on Golden Carers, all the best Gwyneth volunteer.
Susan 10th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Karen
I also agree music activities are great and then when you add exercise to them and adds such a wonderful element
Karen 9th Nov 2020 Activity Professional
Hi Everyone. Music activities are the best! I use the song I’m gonna Sit Right Down ..... lots of times! When I play the piano I like to add trivia about the tunes. I give the dates these wonderful songs were written and the writers! Many songs are over 100 years old! Adding exercise to the activity is wonderful!!!! Thanks again
Gwyneth 9th Jul 2020 Volunteer
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