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Therapy Assistant From Western Australia, Australia

About Sue: I have been working in aged care for the past two years in Western Australia. I studied the Cert III Allied Health and work as a therapy assistant in the dementia area. The leisure and lifestyle part of my job is made even more enjoyable with the help of Golden Carers, which feels like a valuable network of friends from all over the world. Sue

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Sue 13th Feb 2021 Therapy Assistant

Growing Cotton Plants for Memory Support

Awesome, Linda, I’ll go to stock feeds. Thanks!
Sue 7th Feb 2021 Therapy Assistant

Growing Cotton Plants for Memory Support

This is so lovely. Where do we get the cotton seeds, please?
Sue 31st Mar 2020 Therapy Assistant

Rainbow Guided Meditation

Just reading this post, I felt so relaxed. I can imagine using a slow, calm voice and putting us all to sleep! Looking forward to using it. Thank you for adding it.
Sue 28th Jul 2018 Therapy Assistant

Fun with Salt Dough

Great idea, and surprisingly, has universal appeal for all ages. I used a packet of lemon jelly crystals in the dough, recently. This added a nice yellow colour, but not much smell, so the essential oil would be a nice addition.

One man made the dough into fish pieces which he then wanted to cook so we got out a frypan and fishslice (no heat though). This was a meaningful activity and great to see him in his element. Must try the glitter too next time.

Thanks for your ideas.
Sue 28th Jul 2018 Therapy Assistant

Nursery Rhyme Game

Oh, wow, I tried Nursery Rhymes last night. I was careful to choose an adult singing, not a squeaky child (all due respect) and I was blown away by the calming effect late at night in the dementia house. The nurse and I were also getting right into the tunes, quietly singing as well. It was as effective as hymns have been in the past. I used Apple Music streaming "40 Favourite Nursery Rhymes - The Best Children's Songs Ever!" Very similar to Patsy Bisco style, Heather.