Bits & Pieces Matching Game

Bits & Pieces Matching Game

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Finish the phrase by matching the second half. Socks and ..?

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Evangeline 19th Jul 2022 Care Home Manager
Absolutely love this activity and its perfect for an excruciatingly hot summers day when ready made activities are so handy, thank you :)

Our residents are loving anything to do with 'words' so each morning we are doing 'Gymnastics for our Brains' - always brings a chuckle when I anounce it as this. It is simply a vowel in the center of a circle then 6 to 8 other letters around the outside and the words can only use each letter once but also must contain the letter in the center.
Susan 19th Jul 2022 Activity Director
Hi Evangeline
Thanks for sharing this photo your kind words
Susan 15th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Thank you Sue for this great activity
Thank you also to
Stretton park For your kind words
Stretton Park 14th Jun 2022 Diversional Therapist
the activities provided have been great to make up Quiz packs for residents to do over the weekends or when unable to get out ...its saved their sanity THANKS