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Care Home Manager From England, United Kingdom

About Evangeline: I am a Manager of a residential care home in Boston, Lincolnshire. We have a 36 bed home and I have joined up to Golden Carers again as my previous residents benefited so much from it, as did my Activity Co-Ordinator. I am excited to be part of this wonderful team again and the chance to engage with other care homes all over the world.

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Evangeline 25th Oct 2022 Care Home Manager

20 Acts of Kindness to Bestow Upon Your Residents

We absolutely love this idea - we did this activity a few years ago, 'Random Acts of Kindness' using bright colored envelopes that are numbered and then pinned up onto noticeboard and a staff member would pick out a number for an envelope and in there would be 'an act of kindness' to do for a resident of their choice or another staff member.

Evangeline 16th Sep 2022 Care Home Manager

Royal Bingo

Absolutely brilliant activity , thank you :)
Evangeline 18th Aug 2022 Care Home Manager

Who Am I? August Birthdays

Absolutely love this activity :) I know just the residents that will really engage with this
Evangeline 18th Aug 2022 Care Home Manager

Rearrange the Words to Make Sentences

A couple of our residents will love this :) Thank you
Evangeline 2nd Aug 2022 Care Home Manager

Armchair Travel to India

This week we are getting ready for our 'Trip to India' and we are all looking forward to the new tastes and experiences we will be able to have on this journey.

Our Head Cooks are in preparation for the 'taster session' and we are buy getting the activity packs ready for our residents to turn our dining room into all things 'India'.

I will post photos as soon as possible :)

Many Thanks to Golden Carers for making it so easy to enrich our residents lives
Evangeline 19th Jul 2022 Care Home Manager

Bits & Pieces Matching Game

Absolutely love this activity and its perfect for an excruciatingly hot summers day when ready made activities are so handy, thank you :)

Our residents are loving anything to do with 'words' so each morning we are doing 'Gymnastics for our Brains' - always brings a chuckle when I anounce it as this. It is simply a vowel in the center of a circle then 6 to 8 other letters around the outside and the words can only use each letter once but also must contain the letter in the center.
Evangeline 24th Mar 2022 Care Home Manager

Fads of the 1940s and 1950s

We have a lovely new Activity Co-Ordinator 'Hope' and she is thrilled with this site as it is making her role so much easier. This is one of my favourite activities to do with our residents as when that music plays, you can see their eyes light up and remember their first slow dance, their first jive, their first kiss. The ladies talk about the excitement of getting ready to go out on a weekend and meet that 'certain boy'. Absolutely brilliant fun , thank you :)

We have sourced some old posters and postcards from ebay which really helps with the session.
Evangeline 2nd Mar 2022 Care Home Manager


Hello everyone,

I am so pleased to be a part of Golden Carers again and the chance to use some amazing activities for our residents from all over the world, and to also share with you some activities that we love.

This site is invaluable and an absolute godsend!

Happy Tuesday :)