Gentle Chair Exercises DVD

Gentle Chair Exercises DVD

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Susan 8th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Debbie thank you for pointing out the problem It
It is being worked down
In the meantime you can try some of these other exercise articles
Sandra 7th Feb 2020 Residential Activities Officer
Hi, when will the dvd be back in stock please?
Maree 14th Feb 2017 Leisure And Lifestyle Officer
I use this exercise DVD every morning with my residents. They are very happy doing these exercises and come looking for me if I'm not ready on time. I add a few extra exercises on to the end and finish with a walk through the garden. We love it.
Talita 20th Feb 2017
Thank you so much for your feedback Maree! This is so good to hear!
Kevin 5th Aug 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi. Thank you so much for the DVD. I was a little bit concerned about buying it as some of the reviews stated that their residents couldn't understand the accent. I decided to buy it and see how it went. The residents loved it. So thank you
Jackie 27th Nov 2013 Lifestyle Coordinator
In regards to Debbie's question on documentation in the area of exercise. In our facility our RAO's lias with the Physio to gain the correct information for individual needs, therefore with what the RAO implements is suited to their abilities.
Lynete 25th Nov 2013 recreation therapist
Hi all,

Thank you so much for the D.V.D of chair exercises. I did try this with my little group and they tried so hard. I sat opposite them and they followed (or tried to) my movements. At least they tried. I explained to them the importance of exercising and able to move their upper and lower limbs while they still can and some understood. At least I got to have my exercises and had a laugh as well as I always bring some fun into what I do with/for them. I will continue to do this on a weekly basis for a few moments a day for them. Thanks again team.

Cheers from Lyn D.
debbie 23rd Nov 2013 day centre coordinator
can anyone help with documentation regarding exercise programs. I want to set up music, stretching exercises for our clients but unsure of the documentation needed. Such as clients needs, outcomes, evaluation etc. I have purchased the DVD from Golden carers so I am excited to get going.
thank you and I hope someone can help.
cheers debbie