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lyn 28th Oct 2017 recreation therapist

All Saints Quiz

Hi All! I have clients of all denominations in the community and have printed out quizzes for them. I am a lifestyle carer and clients really enjoy your short stories, crosswords, trivia, in fact all you have to offer.
This is a wonderful site and clients really enjoy all you have to offer I present to them to lighten up their days.
Are there more readings of Air Force as a client I have is an ex Air Force man. He really enjoyed naming the planes and literature about them, he is 93years old.
lyn 21st Apr 2015 recreation therapist


Hi Robyn,
thankyou for sharing this information to us all, at least we have a guide to work from now. I have asked staff for old picture calendars of all sorts and will be using these.
Cheers Lyn.
lyn 18th Apr 2015 recreation therapist


Hi Natalie, I did my Cert 4 in Leisure and Health through T.A.F.E (but an external course) from Hervey Bay Queensland as I was already working in this line of work (trying to).
I found this very difficult as I was not supported throughout the course from my place of work though the teachers were very helpful when there.
I am happy I completed this course and love trying my best to help residents maintain as much normality in life as possible while making them happy.
All the best in your studies.
Cheers, Lyn.
lyn 18th Apr 2015 recreation therapist

Balloon Bean bags

Hi All,
I made some of your balloon bean bags and it was very successful. I used wheat which had been in my freezer to kill any mites/nasties.
The residents are very high care and at the time none were ambulant. One resident is 92 years young and very alert, mobilises around in his wheelchair; this resident uses the balloon ball I made to assist him with exercises for his hands and I am also going to use them for upcoming ball games. I made various sizes as well as colours. The filling varied as well more/less as this makes a difference in how they feel soft/hard. This activity certainly drew a lot of attention from all in the facility.
Cheers, Lyn
lyn 18th Apr 2015 recreation therapist


Hi Solange,
I just want to say thanks for the way you include object/objective for all activities. This helped me to correctly place in my notes how I was helping residents/clients.
Great Site!
Cheers, Lyn.
lyn 18th Apr 2015 recreation therapist


Hi Robyn,
I too would be interested in example or a template for making place mats for the residents, any ideas would be appreciated.
I would just like to add how wonderful every one is in sharing their ideas for the whole work force interested in the community.
Thankyou all for a great team spirit.
Cheers Lyn.
lyn 16th Mar 2015 recreation therapist


Thankyou Dorothy I think this may be the way to go as there is a lot more happening. The thing is most staff know what is to be done but what they do and what they are supposed to do are two very different happenings. I have my P.A D (Personal Appraisal Development) tidied up on Friday the 20th March so I will certainly be digging my heels in.
Cheers Lyn.
lyn 5th Mar 2015 recreation therapist


Hi Heather, Yes I am expected to feed at least one of the residents each day I am working and sometimes I am feeding them all as there are no nurses around. One day I walked around the hospital and didn't get far as they were sitting at the nurses station chatting. I have also found them checking text messages on their phones. Also the nurses are very busy and expect me to feed them. I feed the residents all who can not feed themselves and non-ambulant very high care. I feed them as they will maybe miss out or eat cold meals. I have discussed this with the aged care C.N and this still continues. Lyn
lyn 7th Feb 2015 recreation therapist

Epson Salt Bottles

Hi Solange, I was just reading about the Epsom salt bottle and was wondering if a quick spray of clear lacquer would solve the problem. I am going to try this when I do the activity and will let you know how I went. Cheers Lyn
lyn 8th Jan 2015 recreation therapist

10 Ways to Celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday

Hi team,
I have just returned to work on the 7th Jan. after being ill for a month and while I was recovering I thought I better get cracking and plan for the next three months. I decided to work on Elvis' birthday so printed out photos and laminated them at work in the morning.
Considering I had not planned anything at work (as I was not there) the activity went down really well with all. Staff enjoyed the music as did the residents visiting families at the time. Most liked Elvis' music and those that didn't still attended the activity to look on. The group are very high care. I used the Elvis quiz with residents having a go and the visitors. The whole activity went for (2) hours. A lot of discussions about Elvis and his life were held. A whole lot of fun and laughter with enjoyment to boot before lunch was served. On Friday I am having foot spas followed by massages and moisturising their skin, then on Monday I am trying the collage with gum nuts & leaves and what ever else suits.
Thankyou again for this wonderful site, the work you do in supplying resources for us all is just the best.
Have a happy new year. Lyn