History of Clothespins / Pegs

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Amanda 9th Aug 2022 Group Leader
We played this at a recent “sports” day and it went down a treat!
Ann 11th Aug 2022 Lifestyle & Well-being Assistant
That's wonderful
CLOTEIL 3rd May 2022 Activity Director
My Residents stays very busy with the different games. Thank you so much.
Talita 9th May 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Cloteil!
CLOTEIL 3rd May 2022 Activity Director
❤️ the games my Residents enjoy them.
Susan 27th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinated
Played the peg game with my residents
They loved it
Talita 29th Aug 2021
So good to hear Susan! Thanks for letting us know!
Talita 15th Jul 2021
Love it! Thanks Ann