DIY Scattergories Game

DIY Scattergories Game

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I took lists made up with different items and printed out all the letters of the alphabet.I put the letters in a bag and gave them each a letter and then started reading off the list and they would have to give me an answer starting with the letter I gave them.

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Steeves 25th Mar 2024
What a great portable game.
Sonya 17th Jul 2022 Health Care
Janelle, thank you for sharing your wonderful activity. I can wait to try with our residents.
AMANDA 14th Apr 2021 HCA/Activities
Thanks for sharing, I'm going to try this tomorrow with my residents.
Jan 1st Mar 2021 Facilitator
Found this was an excellent activity for engaging all, even staff.
Jack 24th Feb 2021 Home Care
Hi Janelle, well done. Will be trying this tomorrow
Susan 24th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Janelle
What a great idea
Thanks for sharing
Janelle 16th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation
Thank you! Hope you enjoyed!