Print the words and image pages, laminate and cut, then match the words with the image.

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Helen 5th Jun 2019 Home Manager
great idea
Talita 10th Jun 2019
Thanks for your feedback Helen!
Darla 22nd Nov 2017 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Good Morning,
May I suggest go further back with kitchen items. I gather older items that are no longer in use, place on a trolley and bring around for all to view:
An old nut grinder, a flower sifter, a pastry cutter, cheese cloth, handheld egg beater, a manual coffee grinder, and camping kitchen items, a toast maker over the fire, an old camp coffeepot and how it is used...
I keep my eye out at second hand stores and thrifts for old items. If they are affordable, I purchase them for the program.
Residents and day clients are asked if they recall the item and when they used it and for what purpose, this program sparks good conversation.
Talita 26th Nov 2017
Thanks for sharing Darla, this sounds like a wonderful reminiscing activity.