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Darla 26th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)


Good Day!
I have purchased a starter garden kit from the local greenhouse. It has a greenhouse dome to watch the plants come up and then transplant to larger pots.

I also like Elisa's idea of indoor planting. Our glass windows surround a natural light courtyard, and we could plant near the windows and watch the plants grwo indoors unitl the weather permits outdoor planting for a couple of months.

If you are looking for text, this one is good: Bowlby, Carol (1992), Therapeutic Activities with Persons Disabled by Alzheimer's Disease and Other Related Disorders, An Aspen Publicaton, pp 136-148 with additional resources.

Darla 26th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)


I tend to shop Amazon or used DVD stores on line or in larger cities. You should be able to find musicals, westerns, or other movies that work with your population. If you order through Amazon or other such sites, and you are redirected to a 3rd party, sometimes you can make further connections with that outlet wholesalers company.

Another thing is interactive watching. Watching movies is not therapeutic nor an activity, but a "filler" If you are interacting with the folks and sharing, talking singing along with them, this is more of an activity. This could include sports games, curling, football, the Olympic games; some of the more competitive sports people love to watch on TV.

I also enjoy discussing the news with independent residents who enjoy ther own leisure time watching the news on their own TV's , more of an interactive and intellectual discussion or debate.

Happy Hunting
Darla 19th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Implicit and Explicit Bias in Senior Care

Wonderful information, and thought provoking. For myself as well as other staff.

We are getting there with Client Centered Care model.
Darla 9th Mar 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Portable Activity Ideas to Reach Every Resident, Everyday

For Barbara.

Activity Documentation = leave items for resident/client

Therapeutic Recreation = remain with resident/client and document # of minutes of therapy in the MDS (or other medical system required documentation process for your country).

I found the cart useful for "Residents at Risk" of isolation.

Adding to the rolling cart each day - yesterday I purchased a small carrying caddy for hand massage and pamper kit. Lotions (hospital issued) and added my own essential oils of lavender(calming) and orange citrus(stimulation).

A fishing game for the fellows - magentic cardboard fish and short bamboo poles with dental floss and magnets tied to bottom.

Calendars (free) from the local stores; muscle cars collector cars calendar; motorcycles calendar; and big rig semi trucks calendar; beautiful flowers calendar; and inspirational message(scenery) calendars.

I post the Residents at Risk and their room #s for other therapists/staff to use.

Have Fun with your cart!

Darla 27th Feb 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Portable Activity Ideas to Reach Every Resident, Everyday

Very useful ideas. I had a rolling cart set up in past, but the focus was on large group activities and entertainment.
Now that I am focusing on Therapeutic Recreation and Residents are risk of isolation once again, I feel a fresh energy to get something in place! Your ideas are helpful and thought provoking.

Thank You Haley.
Darla 26th Feb 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)


I checked out this site. It looks interesting for an aging in place facility. Our home has independent senior living, assisted living, and long term care, so it may be of benefit for those in the indepenned living. Will keep you informed.
Darla 26th Feb 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)


Hello Sally, I found a Quilting Book at local store, it provides the basics of the tools to use, and some of the basic patterns to create. I use this book as a discussion, then bring around various textures and quilt backing and lay together on laps for discussion.

With one group more able, we made a Quilt Alphabet and hung it up using thread cord between the letters. We glued the quilted pieces together rather than stitching. I used the pinking shears to put the fabrics.

Happy Quilting.
Darla 27th Jan 2019 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Find the Hidden Objects - Farmyard

Love these ones. Independent Activity; or group focus with staff initiation.
Darla 27th Nov 2018 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Name the Aircraft Quiz

A small group of men work on independently and discuss together. This is a wonderful activity.
Darla 27th Aug 2018 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)



The other staff member would not do your job because she doesn't know how.

It takes special skill and planning and implementing programs for those we serve. Providing care and completing tasks every day is well suited for some people, however; providing motivation, making people happy, thinking of new creative ideas to engage takes special skill.

Golden Carers, " 15 Uplifting Activities for People Confined to Bed", and "Tips for One to One Visits with Seniors" are just 2 of many ideas you can access.

Golden Carers provides so much good information for programming we are fortunate to have a wonderful site that all Activity and Recreation people in the world can access.

Your role is VALUED and RESPECTED by others in your profession and job.

Hang in there,