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Darla 27th Jan 2019 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Find the Hidden Objects - Farmyard

Love these ones. Independent Activity; or group focus with staff initiation.
Darla 27th Nov 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Name the Aircraft Quiz

A small group of men work on independently and discuss together. This is a wonderful activity.
Darla 27th Aug 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator



The other staff member would not do your job because she doesn't know how.

It takes special skill and planning and implementing programs for those we serve. Providing care and completing tasks every day is well suited for some people, however; providing motivation, making people happy, thinking of new creative ideas to engage takes special skill.

Golden Carers, " 15 Uplifting Activities for People Confined to Bed", and "Tips for One to One Visits with Seniors" are just 2 of many ideas you can access.

Golden Carers provides so much good information for programming we are fortunate to have a wonderful site that all Activity and Recreation people in the world can access.

Your role is VALUED and RESPECTED by others in your profession and job.

Hang in there,

Darla 26th Aug 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator


Hello Coral,

Exercise everyday. If not lead by Activity/Recreation Dept. by other means.
One day - Yoga. Vid or Activity Aide lead.
Day Two - Physical Fun and Games (highly competitive games such as hockey or balloon ball)
Day Three - group activity all can enjoy (lightweight bocce, bowling with assist)
Day Four - Exercise Stretch
Day Five - Chair Fitness ( a more strenuous exercise from seated chair)
Day Six- using instruments to music, gentle exercise for less physically able (Spoons, maracas, rain makers, harmonicas, ect)

Physiotherapist lead exercise walks, gym exercise bike, SAIL exercise, make note of individual exercise plan. Assist physiotherapist if able.

Family member walks on weekends, Resident individual walks in evenings. Ask staff to report these activities.

Exercise or physical fitness comes in many forms, think outside the box for alternative forms of physical fitness other than group activity.

Darla 14th Aug 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Noodle Ball

Good Morning Trish,

We use Mylar balloons for this activity. These type of balloons can be found at the Dollar Store, and are blown up with a straw. The can re-refilled as the air leaks out, but a straw will re-fill.
We switched to Mylar because staff are allergic to latex in our facilities.
Have Fun!

Darla 26th Mar 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Easter Colouring Poster

Thank you for the Easter Coloring with the true meaning of Easter. Our Residents will enjoy coloring these pages and appreciate that the true meaning of the holiday is recognized.

Darla Spiry
British Columbia
Darla 4th Mar 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

Aphasia Activity Ideas for Activity Coordinators

Wonderful ideas,

Thank you for the research, the understanding to explain to other staff, and the examples to assist people in maintaining their abilities.

Darla 26th Feb 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator


Thank you Kim,

I am going to check these resources out. What an amazing idea!
Darla in western Canada
Darla 26th Feb 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator

The Origins of common Superstitions

Very good work on this program. Very thorough, and many good ideas tying into superstitious events. Also liked the idea to build in poetry, for poetry month!
Darla 17th Dec 2017 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator


Hey Brian,
Perhaps you could see this as a good experience. If you are being audited, then your department is expected to be accountable. This may mean your department is respected and valued.

When licensing or auditing accreditation comes to our facility, Activities and Day Program is NEVER considered or even looked at. Licensing may looked at the environment in which patients, clients, and residents frequent, but never bother with the paperwork.

I have worked in past for a job where we were audited often, and this allowed us to strive to be successful and better at meeting our client needs; different work altogether than health services.

Being a leader and seeing this as a positive experience will model for others the benefits of auditing and accreditation.
Good Luck to you!