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Darla 22nd Jul 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Great Appreciation for all those who created the antique and classic cars quizzes and discussions. Program of Classic Cars today in this heat.
Darla 17th May 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Program: Making Sense of Senses; or Sensory Stimulation
Add to monthly calendar
facilitator: RT or Rec Aide under guidance of RT, or OT
Population: mid to late stage dementia
size: 2-6 residents
modifications: none.
tools/equipment: stimulating the senses. sight. sound, smell, touch/texture.
Time: 15-20 minute program. record > 15 minutes, 20 minutes long enough for Residents to hold interest, remain focused or engaged.
Recording: programs created in Activity Pro (tm); our company choice of activity site for on line documentation.

I use sound: bells, drums, rainmaker, robotic cat/dog (purr and bark).
I use smell: a scent kit made up of essential oils, coffee, deodorant sticks, rose water, old spice, pipe tobacco, Anything else you may want to add.

I use sight: Snoezelen bubbles, fiber optics, lava lamps, bright pool noodles, coffee table books 18" of brightly colored animals and scenery (not television or computer, but old coffee table books to bring close up) . Local library would be pleased to donate.

Touch and texture: in past (pre COVID), I used swatches of material with different textures: velvet, silk, taffeta, burlap, and corduroy to allow each resident to touch and hold.
Presently, I use soft warm washcloth dampened, and soothing warm lotion to apply to hands and arms. I add either orange (simulation) or lavender (calming) to the lotion - depending upon each Resident's needs.

When entering information for documentation capturing all these areas in Activity Pro ( tm), and coding as Emotional Goal Domain.

Well Wishes in your planning!
Darla 4th Mar 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Armchair Travel to the Philippines

Wonderful Arm Chair Travel. A great opportunity for our residents to connect with our staff and caregivers. from Philippines country and heritage. Will also provide opportunity to promote understanding and build relationships and tolerance from our Residents, Thank you for creating.
Darla 22nd Feb 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

COPYRIGHT - Artist Impression - Maud Lewis - Yellow Birds And Apple Blossoms

Maud Lewis also made the Canadian Reader's Digest this month- a nice tie-in with our Art and discussions.
Darla 17th Feb 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

DIY Armchair Travel to China

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Arm Chair Travel to China
Darla 16th Feb 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

COPYRIGHT - Artist Impression - Maud Lewis - Yellow Birds And Apple Blossoms

Thank you for posting a Canadian Artist for us to enjoy.
Darla 27th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager



In the microsoft store, there are a variety of paint and color options. I chose one that suited my needs, and meditative music choice.
Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Jean, how distressing for your village community to lose so many residents, my heart goes out to you and your families.
My PC offers a free app in which you can color paint with meditative music in the background. You can save this app to your laptop or tablet desktop for a small group of residents on large screen, or 1-1 programming for residents.
Even without wifi access, you can access if you have your won laptop or tablet at work.

Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Creative Forecasting Books from Colorado.
Monthly recreation program planning ideas to have on hand or to plan ahead.
Saved me the first year in a new LTC facility.
Darla 24th Jan 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

How to Discipline Your Activity Staff

Herein lies the struggle, each employee gives what they can. Some give 45%, some give 80%, some give 110%. As a manager, recognizing what an employee is capable of giving on any given day. A casual employee may give 110% on a one day fill in, but give the residents 65% when given 2-3 weeks worth of steady work (or a position). I find it is not for lack of trying to come up with creative ideas, but too much full time causes energy to diminish - a complacency.
In addition, illnesses, medical leaves, and "sick time" awarded without coverage can cause those taking on extra duties or double duties stress and discouragement.
Perhaps this thread will not be posted, Please keep the views in mind for future articles.