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Darla 27th Apr 2022 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Greetings. This afternoon we hold our Volunteer Appreciation in our care home and village. I would like to thank Golden Carers for a sample Heartfelt Thank You Speech as a guideline for my presentation of thank you gifts for our Valued Volunteers.
It has been a difficult couple of years with limited activities, and mainly our family members stepped up to Volunteer their time while visiting their loved ones. And we are honored and appreciate all the work and efforts from our independent seniors in our village to share their talents and skills to support our programs during this time.
Thank you again Golden Carers for providing us with guidance and support.
Darla Spiry
Darla 30th Mar 2022 Recreation and Rehab Manager


A big thank you goes out to Susan Berg from Nevada for her Group Exercise for the Elderly presentation or Activity.
Great Ideas for our Rehab Aides.

Darla Spiry
Darla 13th Dec 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Christmas Poems to Share #4

Beautiful Poems to share
Darla 13th Nov 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Remembrance Day Banner Posters and Biography Booklet of all our local Veterans. One example of all soldiers lost during war (so I do not identify a specific veteran without family permission)
Darla 12th Nov 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Old Occupations Quiz

Thank You Golden Carers. Once again, the full screen slideshow and hangman will be large enough on the big screen for all to view. Wonderful ideas. A day away from work means a day to explore your site!
Darla 12th Nov 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Name the Aircraft Quiz

Thank you for the Slide Show size. I did take your idea in past, and enlarge the photos to 8.5" x 11" for the folks to see. With the slide show, I can attach the laptop to the television screen and show on the large screen. Great idea for Men's Day!
Darla 12th Nov 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Golden Carers. May I share our Remembrance Day display and Veteran's BIOS booklet? May I send photos to Golden carers for you to view and edit? An idea from our local community printer and 2 families. A wonderful way to honour and share especially with family and friends still living to remember loved ones of WWI, WWII, and more recent conflicts.
Darla 12th Nov 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager


Helen, I like your luminary idea. Tea lights in a glass jar, photo and flowers. This is a nice idea for our Independent Living residents. A display area with all the photos and memories.
In LTC village, we have a beautiful wooden window box to display those who have passed recently, and we share their loss and memories during monthly forum, which is held in the same area as the window box. I do like the tealight idea. Thank you all for your memorial ideas.
Darla 23rd Aug 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Picture Quiz - PowerPoint

These are wonderful! and a modern idea.
Years ago, I made a Famous Faces BIO booklet. In a page protector, color Photo on front, short bio on back. The more info I read, the more likely Residents are able to ID the person.
I like that it is on the big screen. My laptop will hook into the big screen TV with an HDMI cable, and the residents can see the power point presentation better.

If you don't mind, I would still have a few short words for each power point picture to assist Residents in guessing the location or the person.

What a wonderful cognitive and reminiscing exercise in one!
Darla 23rd Aug 2021 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Newsletter Template - October 2023

Fantastic Sample Newsletter.
Recreation Therapist from another community reached out to ask if we had a sample for her to create.
I will forward this one onto her.

Thank You Golden Carers, the best Activity site in the world. We have a few to chose from - and your site is always my go to first.