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Kristen 23rd Aug 2016 Life Enrichment Manager
Thank you for sharing. Love how you mentioned the "Subway" like lunch - letting them choose exactly went into their wrap. Choice is important.
Anna-Louise 23rd Aug 2016 Consultant

There is an accreditation program to learn how to put the programs together –great for younger members as well as those clients in care.
Anna-Louise 22nd Aug 2016 Consultant
Sounds like a fantastic activity. Have you also tried the Ageless Grace activities. These are activities that you can do seated in a chair. They are so much fun and really engage all the senses. Great for engaging the mind and body.
Life was meant to be fun!
Lynne 23rd Aug 2016 Activity Co-ordinator
Hi Anna Louise what do you do in Ageless Grace activities ? It's always good to learn something new !!
lavina 17th Dec 2016 Activities assistance and personal carer
Would like to know more about ageless grace sounds interesting
Lynne 18th Aug 2016 Activity Co-ordinator
I do armchair Zumba with my residents we use cheerleader pompoms, scarves. We do all the exercises working from the head down to the feet. I use Latin American music so its nice and catchy to move too. We all enjoy this and wind down doing some relaxation with calming music. Afterwards the residents enjoy a teatime break with a cup of tea and biscuits x