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Cheryl 14th May 2019 Volunteer
Used this activity with no rules/no teams. I had 4 ladies playing and what a fun time they had! We probably played for 45 minutes & no one was bored!!
Talita 20th May 2019
Thanks for your feedback Cheryl, what a great result!
Jodi 12th Oct 2018 Activity Offocer
love this idea i'm going to give it a go, i think i might try coffee cups taped together then put the lids on as a signal that cup is out.
Talita 15th Oct 2018
Great idea Jodi! Let us know how it goes!
Cathy 18th Jul 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
I use this in summer to encourage residents to drink extra fluids. I don't do opposing sides, just one pyramid of cups and each resident takes turns in tossing a ball ( or bouncing on the table) into the cups.
Nicola 7th Jul 2018
Could you use empty cups? Never tried this before (am just imagining the mess with liquids)
Michael 16th Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
I tried with empty cups however they were easily pushed over with the ball. If you only fill a cup quarter of the way it shouldn't make too much mess at all. I didn't have an issue mess wise with the liquard.
Nicola 18th Jul 2018
Thanks Michael x
Michael 1st Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Modified beer pong