Here are two fun ways you can involve residents in easy and social games. Thanks Marina for this activity!

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Judy 13th Apr 2014 Activities Co-ordinator
I still have a very regular group(6) that plays every Thursday afternoon for around an hour and a half. They love it. With some dementia able to play. 15 cards each, I trade in a card if they get 3 of the same letter, must have 6 vowels..first to 200. The rules are for you to adjust. Judy.
solange 7th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist
Good idea Judy.
Judy 1st Jul 2012 Activities Co-ordinator
Good games also to do with Scrabble is 'Scrabble ' cards. I hope you can still buy them. Give up to 5 or 6 players or teams 15 cards each and get them to make as many words as possible, hopefully they can use all the cads. 10 points bonus if anyone gets them all out plus count value of cards, 5 if they can make a word 6 letters or longer. First to reach 150 wins the game. They love to play this for an hour.
Catherine 28th Jun 2012 Diversional Therapist
I love the idea & I am going to give it a go... sounds like fun!
Talita 20th Jun 2012
Thanks Marina, great ideas!