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Judy 26th Sep 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Colouring-in for May

Hello, I am using the floral photo frame for creating name plates to put on bedroom doors. The residents are doing all the work and love to complete the colouring in, and I write the name in the middle. Is anyone able to draw a similiar one that i can use for a bit of a change? These are all going on women's rooms. For the men i am using cars etc.
Many thanks
Judy, Vic.
Judy 5th Aug 2014 Activities Co-ordinator


Kareen I work in a 45 bed home in Victoria. When I first started the job over three years ago I had to fill in attendance forms and hated it...for me a waste of time. Funnily enough I cannot remember why but after simplyfiying the records(still a pain in the neck to do) I went to management, discussed the whole thing and now do not do it but do a little report each month reporting what they like to do(which I had to do anyway) on half the residents each month, a 3 monthly overview and make sure history on residents is pretty up to date. This way of reporting has passed through 2 Accreditation visits and the whole thing is now worthwhile doing and easy. I felt reporting on who attended each day was silly for elderley people and a proper waste of my time where as now the little monthly summary in our computerized progress notes seems to satisfy everyone. Hope this helps. Judy.
Judy 13th Apr 2014 Activities Co-ordinator

Wordplay for Memory Care

I still have a very regular group(6) that plays every Thursday afternoon for around an hour and a half. They love it. With some dementia able to play. 15 cards each, I trade in a card if they get 3 of the same letter, must have 6 vowels..first to 200. The rules are for you to adjust. Judy.
Judy 23rd Jul 2013 Activities Co-ordinator

Fun Riddle 3

I have a couple of residents that do not like coming out of their rooms but like to be entertained. This will be great for them. I also will use it for a general session and it will be fun. thanks Judy.
Judy 6th Oct 2012 Activities Co-ordinator

Balloon Games

I get the residents playing 'Team Balloon Challenge' most Friday afternoons. I string a rope up onto 2 walkers at each end. On each side of the rope I have 3 residents either in wheelchairs or sitting on chairs. I have a whistle and we start the game. No bats, only using hands and one balloon. We trial a couple of balloons just to make sure we have the 'right' one to play with. One game is up to 11 points. The rules are 1. If it hits the floor on your side of the rope the other team score.
2. The balloon goes under the rope.
Sometimes I have many players so I use them as 'back ups'. One behind each team.
we play until one side has won two games and them I swap over some or all players.
After two matches i work out the 'grand final' team and we have the final games for the afternoon.
All in all it lastabout 1hour 15mins.
Great fun is had, It is amazing how long a turn can go before the balloon is deemed out.
I use my hands to signal the points and help out with getting the balloon back if necessary. Sometimes staff members join in.
It does get some very quiet residents. and those on big whelchairs a great opportunity to join in.
Much laughter is had..I can tell you!!
Judy 15th Jul 2012 Activities Co-ordinator

Things that go Together Quiz

I forgot to add. The first team to match all the cards and hand them in to me wins.
Judy 15th Jul 2012 Activities Co-ordinator

Things that go Together Quiz

I have created a variation of this game. I have the 'A' cards for example fish and chips. Fish is A and I have marked the card A and B is Fish but I have made a few other B cards for this group such as Mayonnaise, Potato cakes and sauce and so on for a number of other ones such custard to go with peaches, cream,icecream.
I divide the 'B'cards amongst 5 or 6 players or teams and I read out the A cards. I start to run the game like this...Custard 1...2...3..(I give them 3 seconds or so to come up with a match I accept). If they don't ,I move on to the next card. I can be very soft at times!! Sometimes I get 2 or 3 shouting all sorts of matches and whoever I hear first and agree it is acceptable they are OK. Depending if I have a very mixed group or high or low care I adapt what I am doing. The result is always a lot of fun
Judy 1st Jul 2012 Activities Co-ordinator

Wordplay for Memory Care

Good games also to do with Scrabble is 'Scrabble ' cards. I hope you can still buy them. Give up to 5 or 6 players or teams 15 cards each and get them to make as many words as possible, hopefully they can use all the cads. 10 points bonus if anyone gets them all out plus count value of cards, 5 if they can make a word 6 letters or longer. First to reach 150 wins the game. They love to play this for an hour.