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Nicola 8th Jan 2021

Read-Aloud: Audience Participation Story #2

This should be linked to Elvis Day I only found it by accident but others might like to use it as part of the fun.
Nicola 18th Jul 2018

Modified Beer Pong

Thanks Michael x
Nicola 16th Jul 2018

Group Singing with Props

There's a fantastic piano singalong karaoke disc on Amazon and its worth looking at their pub singalong discs too lots of familiar songs
Nicola 12th Jul 2018

Nine-Letter Word Puzzles

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Nine Letter Word Puzzles
Nicola 7th Jul 2018

Modified Beer Pong

Could you use empty cups? Never tried this before (am just imagining the mess with liquids)
Nicola 7th Jul 2018

True or False Lollipops

I want to try some true/false quizzes when I start my new job. I was also thing of making some true/false posters for the wall to try and make a simple walking quiz so they'd walk to the answer to try and encourage movement/work on preventing falls.
Nicola 16th Jun 2018


Not sure where you are Joanna but if you are based in the UK it might be worth a call to the Data Commissioners office as they will be able to advise and so much has changed with the new GDPR rules so its better to be careful.
Nicola 9th Jun 2018

Sample Weekly Program for Memory Care

I'm trying to learn Ukulele too it would be so much easier if I didn't have to keep changing chords! I have to play everything so slowly and you can still spot the changes...
Nicola 24th Apr 2018

Guess How Old They Are Now

Would be great to add the celebs date of birth to this activity as the age is likely to change depending on when you use it.
Nicola 14th Mar 2018

Irish Quiz

Thanks Sheila I have borrowed those questions xx