Here's a fun activity to engage and entertain residents! This wordplay challenge will stimulate minds and spark creativity.
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Here's a fun activity to engage and entertain residents! This wordplay challenge will stimulate minds and spark creativity.


  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Lists of scrambled nine-letter words
  • Optional: Pre-printed game sheets for participants (provided)


  • Words must contain the middle letter.
  • Words must have a minimum length of three letters. 


  1. Begin by displaying a scrambled nine-letter word on the whiteboard.
  2. To infuse some friendly competition, set a time limit for this engaging game.
  3. Participants find as many valid words as they can from the scrambled nine-letter word.

Encourage residents to work individually or in teams to find as many words as possible using the given letters. Enjoy the adventure of wordplay and the connections it will bring!



Files included:

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9 Letter Word Puzzles

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Chitra Perez 23rd Dec 2022
Thank you so much! My Mum was asking for these puzzles but I had no idea where to buy a book or magazine of these. Mum is 96 and has very poor vision and this is all she can manage these days as far as puzzles go. She will be very happy to have these. Thank you again!
Carla 12th Jul 2022 Former Lifestyle Officer / Coordinator
Nine (9) Letter Word games are great fun for residents. It involves thinking, finding words, creating words, and brainstorming. Sometimes I give them clues. They collaborate together to find the 9-letter words. 

You Will Need:
Whiteboard Markers
Lists of Nine Letter words (e.g Beautiful), then scramble the letters.
Lonna 22nd Apr 2022
Awesome i love it

Albert butler 1st Oct 2021
Looking forward to try out the old brain
Kathleen 23rd Jul 2021 Activity Assistant
so far the clients love the word games that I have been bringing in. Thank You so much for this. it does help me out a whole lot.
Talita 26th Jul 2021
Thank you so very much for your feedback Kathleen x
Sondra 12th Sep 2020 Activity Director
The sisters at SSND really enjoy these puzzles. Every week I print out BIngo sheets and call numbers for them to do in their rooms over the weekend and I like to include an extra chance to win if they don't get a bingo. I put different brain busters on each week. They can try to solve riddles or rebuses or the magic math squares or these word puzzles. I give them one candy bar if they can find 25 words and 2 candy bars if they come up with 50 or more. This challenge is by far the favorite! Many like it better than the bingo.
Susan 12th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Hi Sondra
When I played bingo with some of the residents we did not clear the cards until there were three Bingos
This way more people can win
mylion waite 11th Sep 2020
It is cloudy today in Cleveland and the residents are looking for something to do --the puzzles are right on time. thank you.
Cherral 13th Jul 2020 Lifestyle Assistant
Our resident thoroughly enjoy the activity and the challenge great brain teaser
Talita 19th Jul 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Cherral x
Susan 8th Aug 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Nicola you see how many people love this
Piyumi 7th Aug 2019 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Hi tried with our residents they really enjoyed it
Elizabeth 23rd Aug 2018 Recreation Activites Officer
wondering if you could post some more secret word games my residents enjoyed them so much. Thank you.
Jeanette 24th Jul 2018 Carer
Always looking for more of these as my residents love them
Yvonne 18th Jul 2018 Activation Coordinator
I tried these with some of my clients during leisure activity they enjoyed them
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