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Jayleen 27th Jun 2018 Activity Assistant
This is great! I do a similar activity with my residents from the patio in their units. "Fresh Air I Spy". We don't have many opportunities to take outings, so I plant a few "trinkets" around the seating area and spy them with the residents. Lots of fun!
Some ideas:
- A vehicle
- A bird
- A flower/plant
- A pedestrian
- A cloud
- Then the trinkets! :)
Melanie Felicity 26th Jun 2018 Recreational Activities Officer
I love I spy and have often played it with residents. It is especially good to use for naming things that we use and live with every day.
Angelika 19th Jun 2018 Lifestyle Carer
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: I Spy