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Jayleen 25th Aug 2021 Activity Assistant

Wet T-shirt Contest

This sounds like so much fun!
Jayleen 14th Aug 2021 Activity Assistant

Clothing Reminiscing Presentation

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Jayleen 18th Apr 2020 Activity Assistant

Isolation Scavenger Hunt

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Isolation Scavenger Hunt
Jayleen 25th Jul 2019 Activity Assistant

Bird Types Matching Game

So happy to hear the positive reviews! I create a lot of my own programs, but when I don't I'm thankful to have goldencarers on the "backburner"! I try my best to upload as many as possible, so others can have new ideas, and I can hear your feedback.
Jayleen 23rd Jul 2019 Activity Assistant

Guess My Career

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Guess My Career
Jayleen 12th Jul 2019 Activity Assistant

Have You Ever Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Have You Ever Game
Jayleen 29th Aug 2018 Activity Assistant

This Day in History for Seniors: September

I had no idea Golden Carers posted something like this! LOVE IT - and so will the residents.
Jayleen 26th Jul 2018 Activity Assistant


Milk the cow
- Add pudding into rubber gloves and hang from saw horses. Have two people compete to see who can "empty the udders" the fastest.
Horse Races
-Similar to the old fashioned board game but modified to suit a bigger group
Cow Pattie Toss
- We have a pancake breakfast for a western week at our senior's home, and use the left over pancakes to throw at a target. The target we use is a red circle target from our floor curling. We sit the residents in a circle and they take turns seeing who can throw the "pattie" most accurately.
You could also try roping a chair dressed up to look like a cow. Just some ideas! :)
Jayleen 18th Jul 2018 Activity Assistant

True or False Quiz #2

Love these!
Jayleen 27th Jun 2018 Activity Assistant

I Spy

This is great! I do a similar activity with my residents from the patio in their units. "Fresh Air I Spy". We don't have many opportunities to take outings, so I plant a few "trinkets" around the seating area and spy them with the residents. Lots of fun!
Some ideas:
- A vehicle
- A bird
- A flower/plant
- A pedestrian
- A cloud
- Then the trinkets! :)