A matching game with trivia to stimulate conversation and cognitive functioning!
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I've created a Word Doc. with different types of birds to stimulate conversation and cognitive functioning.

I ran the group as a matching game with some trivia about the bird before giving away the answer (showing the picture first).

Modifications: You may find it easier to have the bird names listed on the side (on a whiteboard) and cross off the ones you've chosen as you go along.

Enjoy! :)

Files included:

Download Image

Bird Game and Trivia

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Vanessa 26th Apr 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator
Fabulous, I know my residents will love this, I can give you some feedback later on :)
Faye 27th Sep 2021 Coordinator
made a power point up so can use it on our Zoom sessions
love the pictures
Talita 8th Oct 2021
That's a wonderful idea Faye! If you're able to, please share it with us!
Tracey 23rd Sep 2020 Activities Director
Thank you so much !!
Jayleen 25th Jul 2019 Activity Assistant
So happy to hear the positive reviews! I create a lot of my own programs, but when I don't I'm thankful to have goldencarers on the "backburner"! I try my best to upload as many as possible, so others can have new ideas, and I can hear your feedback.
Christine 12th May 2019 Registered Diversional & Recreational Therapist
We did this yesterday and found them really engaged, which for a memory care area is sometimes hard. We started by putting home made bird seed feeders into trees on our courtyard, then putting photos out for them to try and recognise before telling them the facts. I then used you tube to put identifying bird sounds with photos and they really liked that part, so we used our senses with touch, visual and hearing.
Cathy 27th Feb 2020 Activity Director
Thank you so much! I will try adding the youtube video.
Joseph Hannaford 24th Feb 2019
Great package! Can't wait to try it with my residents. Thank you.
Talita 24th Feb 2019
Thanks Joseph, love to hear how it goes!
Talita 17th Feb 2019
This is a great activity indeed! We will be adding some new activities in a similar format in the coming weeks!
Jane 12th Feb 2019 Activities Director/memory Care
I used this activity today with my memory care residents and they loved it!
I gave them the facts and waited to see if they could guess before showing the picture of the bird. They got all but 2 which I thought was really good. Thanks for this activity. Would love some more similar to it.
Victoria 14th Sep 2018 Wellness Coordinator
Thank you so much for this activity!!
Shelley 9th May 2018 Music therapist
great pictures !!
Lauren 7th May 2018
Brilliant activity
we used this today and the residents loved hearing about the birds and talking abut them thank you x
Robyn 3rd May 2018 Diversional Therapist
We used this activity today, the clients really enjoyed talking about the different birds! great activity! Thanks.
Pam 3rd May 2018 Activity Coordinator
We just got a "tablet" for our Activities group and we love having Golden Cares downloaded on it! It saves so much on photocopies and continues to make our day better:) Thank you
Talita 13th May 2018
That's so lovely to hear, thank you so much for your feedback Pam!
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