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Pam 30th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator


We are wondering what groups/facilities do when a Member of the community dies?
We do put out their picture with a candle but haven't done a "service" do others do more?
Just wondering
Pam 12th Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator

Broom and Pumpkin Race

sounds like fun:) going to give that a try
Pam 3rd May 2018 Activity Coordinator

Bird Types Matching Game

We just got a "tablet" for our Activities group and we love having Golden Cares downloaded on it! It saves so much on photocopies and continues to make our day better:) Thank you
Pam 28th Mar 2018 Activity Coordinator

Laughing Together - Five Activities to Get Residents Smiling

We are still loving Golden Cares over here in Shawnigan Lake BC
there will be a fabulous laughing circle going on this morning:) thanks for all the tips!
Pam 21st Sep 2017 Activity Coordinator

World Animal Day Crossword

Just to let you know I am so thankful for this website! animal crossword and fun riddle 24 on the Agenda for today. Have a wonderful day :)
Pam 12th May 2017 Activity Coordinator

Mother's Day Proverbs from around the World

We are really enjoying May activities, thanks again for this amazing website. Happy Mother's Day.
Pam 24th Mar 2017 Activity Coordinator

Art-Based Cognitive Therapy: Palm Sketch

Loved the Art-Based Cognitive Therapy: Palm Sketch! we traced everyones hands with a black felt let them do what they wanted, some people coloured in their hands others abstracted and others painted fingernails on hands. I googled some info on palm reading and we all chatted about it. Awesome activity:)
Pam 11th Nov 2016 Activity Coordinator


Good Morning I would like to say how much fun the connect the dot lion was if there is anymore of those that would be great :)
Pam 7th Sep 2016 Activity Coordinator


Good Morning! just like to say that we are really enjoying the Riddles its a great way to start the morning with my peeps. We use different colour pencil crayons to eliminate the words and I must admit i've had to google a few things myself. Have a great day. Pam
Pam 6th Aug 2016 Activity Coordinator


I run a day program in Shawnigan Lake BC and we love your website! Everyday I find a new and exciting program/project to incorporate into the day. You have made my job alot easier and for that i appreciate you:)