This dice game can be played with 2 or more people

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Rebecca 6th Jul 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC
I was looking for some simple dice games so thank you. Is it possible to add another line of instructions? Somewhere I am not completely understanding this one.
I love this web site! Thank you to all who contribute.
Talita 6th Oct 2022
Hi Rebecca, the instructions have been elaborated, hopefully that helps!
Lisa 28th Apr 2021 Activities for Seniors
Interesting concept! THANK YOU. This one seems to be simple which works best for my people.
Susan 28th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Beth
This sounds like another fun dice game
I like using dice for activities
I am guessing by the lower functioning residents you can use less dice
Thanks for sharing this activity
Talita 27th Apr 2021
Thanks for sharing Beth! Dice games are always so much fun!