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Rebecca 7th Nov 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? #2

This activity sounds like something my residents would really enjoy, but I am wondering if someone could give me more instructions. Is this a one person at a time to see how far they get and then on to the next person. I am just not sure how to play it other than the questions. Thank you
Rebecca 29th Jul 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC


I have not yet done a sensory session activity. What are some ideas after picking the 2 to 3 sensory categories to engage residents or just to get this type of activity going?
Rebecca 6th Jul 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC

No Sixes Dice Game

I was looking for some simple dice games so thank you. Is it possible to add another line of instructions? Somewhere I am not completely understanding this one.
I love this web site! Thank you to all who contribute.
Rebecca 6th May 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC

Armchair Travel to Mexico

We really enjoyed ourselves!! This web-site is the BEST. I have set aside the other resources at my facility since I discovered Golden Cares. I am so thankful for all the work that has gone into this site. It makes my life as a recreation coordinator enjoyable. Thank you
Rebecca 27th Apr 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC

Songs for Seniors Quiz

I so love this Web site and all the great resources here. I really like to bring music into out activities as much as possible and was wondering how to get all these great songs cued up to play at demand. Is it pretty easy to set up a playlist on Spotify?
Rebecca 23rd Apr 2022 Activities Assistant In LTC

Carpet Bowls Game for Seniors

I had the same question that Michelle had about instructions and scoring and Solange responded with " we have added more detailed instructions". I am wondering if those added instructions are already written above or found some where else? Do they just throw from where their chair sits along the edge of the carpet?