True or False Lollipops

True or False Lollipops

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Wendy 3rd Jul 2020 Activity Convenor
I have done this with true or false I put T on one side and F on the other side of a tongue depressor to save the confusion of two sticks. It worked really well.
Susan 4th Jul 2020 Activity Director
Wendy another great idea thank you
Jane 30th May 2019 Manager
i have also done the lollipops idea and used heads or tails game just by tossing a coin and asking the players to guess if it will be heads or tails.
On the lollipop i found pictures of characters faces and animals with their long tails showing . For those who have a competitive streak if they get it right they can get a token/bottle top winner has the most at the end)
For those residents who are able you can ask them to take a turn in trying to toss the coins .
Talita 20th Dec 2018
Yes this is a lovely activity, thanks for sharing Claudia!
Kymberly 19th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator
Wonderful way to get people involved in discussion. Thank you

Kayleigh 26th Jul 2018 Coordinator for The Intermissions Program
I love when they are able to have something tangible to hold onto. It really helps with participation and engagement. Thank you for sharing.
Susan 12th Jul 2018 Activities Co-ordinator
I have some fly swats that we use for balloon tennis I think I could use these sounds like good fun!
Nicola 7th Jul 2018
I want to try some true/false quizzes when I start my new job. I was also thing of making some true/false posters for the wall to try and make a simple walking quiz so they'd walk to the answer to try and encourage movement/work on preventing falls.