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Susan 4th Feb 2020 Activities Co-ordinator

What goes in here?

I thought first aid kit, baby box, sewing basket, and of course a handbag!
Susan 22nd Jul 2019 Activities Co-ordinator


Here in our home I have used the longer corridors as a indoor path we have a large mural with bench for a rest, a chair by the window and a destination as a reading area. Many of the residents use this as a means of exercise and I have themed memory boxes along the wall for added interest. I did pace it out and give totals and distances which proved quiet popular.
Susan 11th Jul 2019 Activities Co-ordinator

How to Start a New Resident Welcome Program

Bought some small travel size toiletries put them in a wedding favour bags, have some postcards of the building printed to add a personal note and a welcome sign to hang off the door. Have left packs ready for the housekeeping staff to add to rooms as they are made ready as activity staff are not in at the weekend when many new residents and visitors arrive. Its not much but its a start.
Susan 27th May 2019 Activities Co-ordinator

Kitten Therapy

We have a cat in our dementia unit we have a member of staff who purchases his food takes him for his vet check ups etc He is lovely and lazy some staff don't like him but some people don't like cats! I'm allergic so of course he always wants me to stroke him. Sometimes he brings in a mouse as a present but there is always someone who will dispose of the body.
residents really like him talk to him and stroke him and he is of course a topic of conversation.
Susan 21st Mar 2019 Activities Co-ordinator


I have the wand thank you I'm sure the activity was if I had three wishes kinda of a thing but don't want to go round the room with everyone giving probably the same answers I'm sure I found this idea here somewhere just can't remember what it was!
Susan 20th Mar 2019 Activities Co-ordinator


Hi Read somewhere on the site activity based around waving ' a magic wand' used the search engine and now can't find it! Duh should have saved it but...... Activity using a Magic wand, bought the wand ...... help any one please!
Susan 5th Oct 2018 Activities Co-ordinator


On a one to one situation I would be tempted to ask why they feel they need to speak to me that way why are they upset in a very calm non aggressive way, a genuine query, had a similar incident with a resident myself and after asking the question was told it wasn't me but felt helpless and old. I did try hard to improve relationship did my level best to find things for her to do etc with this resident but she never changed only one in all the years who reduced me to tears I think because she made me feel helpless.
Susan 9th Aug 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

Nearly New Boutique

Good luck
Susan 8th Aug 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

Nearly New Boutique

We asked family and friends of the residents ours is a faith based home so we are very lucky and have lots of support. The experience of choosing was so lovely to see.
Susan 25th Jul 2018 Activities Co-ordinator

Nearly New Boutique

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