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Susan 20th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Monica
Thanks for sharing this activity
It sounds like a lot of fun and is easily adaptable for different groups
Monica 18th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
We have game that has scores written on a big square of material (needs to be tough material) and we throw beanie bags at the numbers.
You can give prizes for high scores or for the first one to reach 100.
You just to put the numbers on, but they must in squares that are marked on the material (like a grid).
You just fold the game up when you're done.
Janelle 7th Jul 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant
This sounds lots of fun. We are always looking for something new to try. Thanks for sharing
Talita 12th Jul 2021
Thanks for your feedbak Janelle!
Heather 10th May 2021 Life Enrichment Aide
This sounds amazing. I am going to try this. My residents are really active. So it would be a good challenge.
Talita 14th May 2021
Let us know how it goes Heather!
Talita 10th May 2021
Love to hear how it goes Nicola & Leah!
Leah 7th May 2021
I am with you, I plan to put this program onto the Activates Calendar once we open.
NICOLA 7th May 2021 Activities Coordinator
I am definitely going to try this one out for our active games session.
Deborah 9th Nov 2017 Activities Coordinator
We did a similar activity. We used ring toss, buckets for ball toss, and we did sheets of paper with numbers 1, 2 and 3 written on them, place on the floor that residents could toss bean bags on to. We made it challenging by asking them to try and get the beanbag to land on a paper not necessarily easy or close by. The bean bags were numbered 1,2 and 3 and they had to try to toss bean bag 2 on paper 2. We also have an indoor putting green that we've played before for those who are able.
Heather 7th Nov 2017 Life Enrichment Aide
this would be amazing. think u am going to try this one out.