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Monica 18th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Sports Afternoon

We have game that has scores written on a big square of material (needs to be tough material) and we throw beanie bags at the numbers.
You can give prizes for high scores or for the first one to reach 100.
You just to put the numbers on, but they must in squares that are marked on the material (like a grid).
You just fold the game up when you're done.
Monica 16th Jun 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Guess the Word Whiteboard Game

We play this game, however it is not as involved.
We just pick a word, it could be a person place or thing and put marks on the board (------) for however many letters or numbers there are and the resies have to guess the letters to spell out the word.
The only rule is that they are not allowed to go ABCDE and so on. That spoils the fun and the game is over too quick.
The resies actually love it.
Another word game we have is Build a Word which is simply choosing a long complicated word and find as many words as you can from it. The good thing about this game is that often when you find one word you find another word within it. And you can only use the letters provided.
Also we play a game where the resies pick a letter from the alphabet and they have to find as many words as they can from it, this one creates a lot laughs because some people want to put inappropriate words in. Our record so far is 416 with the letter T.
Monica 5th Apr 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Crochet and Knitting Club

We have elected to start and knitting club and as had been mentioned before people who can no longer knit or crochet can come be mentors for other people including staff.
We have named our group Get Knitted and hopefully will be kicking it off this week.
Monica 14th Sep 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Traveling Light

We have a traveling game, where we pick different countries and the residents have to guess where in the world we are from the clues that we give them.
I have a young lady that volunteers with me and she doesn't feel comfortable with big activities so these are perfect.
Monica 7th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Words Starting with TH Quiz

This site is amazing, the quizzes are wonderful
All of the activities tie in with a new program that will be starting at our facility called move and groove.