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Leah 7th May 2021

Sports Afternoon

I am with you, I plan to put this program onto the Activates Calendar once we open.
Leah 30th Apr 2021


Susan gave some great suggestions, some I would have shared and a lot more...
Leah 28th Apr 2021


Thank you very much. Any help I can get is very appreciated. Even though I was working on reinstating my ADC, (it stopped when the center closed), I am not not only doing my job as a social worker, Admissions coordinator, Dementia Program Coordinator, I have also taken on the responsibility of the Activities Director. So all the help I can get is appreciated and wanted.

Does anyone know of an ADC Looking for a job, We have an opening for a Life Enhancement Coordinator, (Activities Director). in an Adult Medical Day Center.
thanks and have a Gorgeously Able Day
Leah 21st Apr 2021


I help at an Adult Medical Day Center, and since it has been closed, we have not only been working with our clients at home through visits and Telehealth, we are updating our paperwork. Our Initial Assessment is quite antiquated, (old and long). Can anyone share with me what they are using, it doesn't have to be just for ADC, it can also be for LTC.

Thanks for your help