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Heather 6th Apr 2022 Life Enrichment Aide


I have done this. I got small circle foam wreaths. then I got fake flowers ( big and small), butterflies,birds.
then I let the residents rearrange them and I hot glue the objects.
Heather 26th May 2021 Life Enrichment Aide


Hello everyone!
I am planning a summer camp week in July. Just wondering if any of you had any ideas.
I would like to do each day a different camp from m to f.
Heather 10th May 2021 Life Enrichment Aide

Sports Afternoon

This sounds amazing. I am going to try this. My residents are really active. So it would be a good challenge.
Heather 2nd Aug 2020 Life Enrichment Aide


Last year I had this problem on a unit I was covering over the summer time. And it really got to me as they were always asking what are the other residents were up to and what programs were happening on a daily bases. But they would never come to the group programs. All they wanted to do was chat which was ok as I got to know them better. Then I thought what about Special take out lunch. and I did it just for these residents. first one swiss chalet, then kfc, then pizza.
I invited them personally, the room was set up formally and they got to know each other.
After doing this I started to notice that they would be going to each others rooms and checking in on each other.
Heather 2nd Aug 2020 Life Enrichment Aide


what about inspirational saying board, joke board
Heather 21st Jul 2020 Life Enrichment Aide

Short Story Jokes #8

Just read these stories to my residents and they really enjoyed them.
Thank you for them all.
Heather 20th May 2020 Life Enrichment Aide

Kindness Poems

Just did a high tea party with a small group of residents. They enjoyed all the poems I read.
One resident said some of the poems gave such meaning.
Thank you so much from all of us.
Heather 7th Nov 2017 Life Enrichment Aide

Sports Afternoon

this would be amazing. think u am going to try this one out.
Heather 6th May 2017 Life Enrichment Aide

Pot Luck Quiz

I am going to have a quiz night. Going to use this for sure.
Heather 26th Apr 2017 Life Enrichment Aide


I would like to say that this site is AMAZING!!!!! I work in a facility of 224 residents and I go to different units each day. You have helped me a lot.