I explained to the residents that exercise is fun and good for the body and to keep your mind active too.

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Zeba 22nd Apr 2020 Senior Coordinator
I love this exercise. I am so glad I have become a member of Golden Careers. It gives me an Ocean of opportunities and ideas.
Thank you
Susan 23rd Apr 2020 Activity Director
Yes Zeba
There are many great ideas on this site
Thanks for sharing your input
Sheri 27th Oct 2018 PCAP/OTA
I've just seen this activity here, but have been doing it for quite sometime with great success. As it satisfies a few residents who always want to do trivia and not interested in much else so adding exercise into it helps keep physically active too.
Talita 29th Oct 2018
Thanks for your feedback Sheri!
Heather 28th Oct 2016 Life Enrichment Aide
This sounds like a great idea. I am going to try this out for my evening program. My residents like trivia so giving it a twist will be so much fun.
Bobbie-Jo 20th Jan 2016 Facility Manager
Hi All. This activity had been set up by my wonderful Lifestyle Team with great success. It would be great to hear if any other facilities have had a go at conducting this exercise. Feedback and new ideas are most welcome.