This is a nice game to maintain or improve physical abilities.
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This is a nice game to maintain or improve physical abilities.


Make your own bags with rice, lentils, beans or couscous with scraps of colourful material. The size of the beans bags required depends on your the dexterity of your clients. I have 2 different sized bags:

  • 8 cm square (3 inches)
  • 12 cm square (5 inches)


  • Seat 6 or 8 residents in a circle
  • stand in the middle of the circle
  • Start the game by throwing the bean bag to each individual in turn
  • Wait for the bean bag to be thrown back without hurrying them.
  • For the second round, throw the beanbag randomly to anyone and catch them by surprise!


Match the speed of the game to the capacity of residents; increasing the speed as they gain confidence.

The game should be played for half an hour or so.

Hand out prizes such as marshmallows or chocolates to add to the excitement!

Make sure there is exciting music in the background. One song that works well for fast games is 'Zorba the Greek' because despite starting gently, it builds momentum.

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