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Carer/ Theraphy Assistant From Western Australia, Australia

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Janelle 24th Feb 2024 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Read-Aloud Audience Participation Story #10

My residents loved this so much they now want to dress up and make it into a show for the other residents. Thanks so much for sharing.
Janelle 22nd Nov 2022 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Never Have I Ever Game for Seniors

Can't wait to try this out with my ressies. Sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing Stefanie
Janelle 27th Jul 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Olympic Games for Staff

We had our own variation of mini Olympics today. We joined a staff member up with a resident and they competed as a team. We changed out tug of war and balloon between the knees and replaced them with 3 ring quoits and a 10 word search. With the backwards race the staff had to do the course and the resident had to tell them what direction to go. Everyone had so much fun. Thanks for the ideas
Janelle 7th Jul 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Sports Afternoon

This sounds lots of fun. We are always looking for something new to try. Thanks for sharing
Janelle 21st Jan 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

The Joke's On Me!

I love this idea. Will try it with my readies they love a good joke and laugh.
Janelle 21st Jan 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Race Around Australia Trivia Game

What an awesome game to play. Can't wait to try it out with our readies this week. Am sure they are going to love it. Thanks for sharing
Janelle 7th Mar 2020 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Cover the Number - Dice Game

I played this with my residents today. They loved it so much they had another game. Will definately play again. Thanks