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Julie 10th May 2021 Activity Coordinator
I am going to try this with the residents. this week
Talita 14th May 2021
Love to hear how it goes Julie!
Christine 28th Aug 2018 Registered Diversional & Recreational Therapist
I organised this with two different groups and each one got very positive feedback. Set the table nicely with colourful tablecothes, lace doilies, fresh flowers, china cups and saucers and little teapots. Sit the residents in a semi circle around table and do one tasting at a time, asking opinions and their thoughts. Give them time to answer and taste before brewing next flavour in a separate pot. I chose 5 teas including some herbal ones and 3 coffees. Keep boxes on table from teas you have brought so they can see and touch packaging. I also got them to smell teabags before brewing to see if they would like to taste as not all flavours appealed to everyone. Residents really enjoyed the whole experience.
Talita 3rd Sep 2018
Love these ideas Christine, thanks so much for sharing.
Jane 21st Jun 2017 Activities Coordinator
Love this idea will be doing this next month x
Karin 16th Feb 2017 Activity Covenor
This will be in my Calendar for March!
Christine 2nd Feb 2017 RAO
Also good to mention the origins of tea, benefits of drinking it. Ask family members to help with this activity and bring in small teapots.
Talita 31st Jan 2017
Love this idea Susan, thank you for sharing!