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Julie 19th Jul 2021 Activity Coordinator


ICE CREAM TASTING- With the weather being hot i decided to do an ICE CREAM tasting event. I purchased 7 different flavoured ice creams (tubs), I put a spoonful of each flavour into little plastic disposable shot glasses ( £2 for 40 from Sainsburys)

The Residents really enjoyed it and gave their verdict of each flavor. I finished the tasting off with a sorbet and a frozen yoghurt
Julie 4th Jun 2021 Activity Coordinator


I held a cheese and wine event last evening and it was very well attended. At first alot of the residents said they dont drink wine, however, all the bottles were empty by the end of the evening! I bought Red, White and Rose wine, ( not expensive wine, average £5/6 bottle), and about 6 different cheeses. We played vintage singalong music, which they enjoyed more as the wine was consumed! Lessons learned: i will cut up a sample of each cheese and pre plate it for everyone, as it will prompt them to try different cheeses if they are already on the plate for them. Rose wine was the most popular!
Julie 4th Jun 2021 Activity Coordinator


I did the Tea Tasting afternoon as suggested on this forum. I took in all my vintage teapots and displayed them on a lovely table cloth. I chose 6 different tea flavours, Mint, Jasmine, Ginger & Lime, Raspberry, Green , Liquorce. They were all a bit reluctant to try new flavours, but after sampling them they seem to enjoy it. However, the verdict of the day was " bring back good old Tetleys!"
Julie 10th May 2021 Activity Coordinator

Try a New Brew

I am going to try this with the residents. this week
Julie 9th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator


thank you, yes I have gone through so many alternatives, I think I might try the Who wants to be a millionaire app for a change...
Julie 8th Apr 2021 Activity Coordinator


Quizez- I am finding that the residents go through so many questions at the quiz sessions. I can not put them into groups or have them write down the answers so i simply read them out and they say the answers. But im going thru so many questions im finding it more and more challenging to find new material. Does anyone have any suggestions