These adaptations for your next arts and crafts group will help you have the tools ready so that everyone can participate, regardless of their challenges.

Arts & crafts groups are staples in our activity calendars. But it can be challenging to ensure that every resident can join in if they want to. The right adaptations can be the key to increasing participation and resident satisfaction.

In this article we cover:

  • Why Adaptations Are Important
  • 4 Adaptations for Pain
  • 6 Adaptations for Mobility
  • 5 Adaptations for Cognitive Skills
  • 5 Adaptations for Hearing Loss
  • 4 Adaptations for Vision Challenges

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Susan 10th Oct 2023 Activity Director
Hi Kerry Jayne
Thank you for your insight and suggestions
Kerry Jayne 10th Oct 2023 Activities Assistant
Large print instructions (for games/crafts/activities) can help, but also experiment with layout (extra spacing between words and lines, different/bold print) and background colours as these can also help those with visual problems. Black print on a white background can cause a glare effect for instance, maybe try a soft green background.