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Kerry Jayne

Activities Assistant From St Peter Port, Guernsey

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Kerry Jayne 10th Oct 2023 Activities Assistant

24 Adaptations for Craft Groups

Large print instructions (for games/crafts/activities) can help, but also experiment with layout (extra spacing between words and lines, different/bold print) and background colours as these can also help those with visual problems. Black print on a white background can cause a glare effect for instance, maybe try a soft green background.

Kerry Jayne 22nd Feb 2022 Activities Assistant

My Bonnie Chair Exercise Fun

My day centre is lucky enough to have a regular Music Activities visit. Andrew ( known as "The Music Man") performs "My Bonnie" and encourages the clients to do action along with their singing. Hands to chest = my, an hourglass figure traced in the air with both hands= bonnie, folded hands to ear=lies, pointing = over, ect. We start off slow and try to get up to normal speed. It's great fun, good exercise and always ends up with us laughing as we fail to keep up with Andrew! He also does breathing exercises and other "movement " songs, combined with a sing-a-long so theres something for everyone to enjoy.