Round Robin Stories

Round Robin Stories

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First pick a topic, for instance, a wedding. Write down the story as you go along and lightly edit it connecting the characters so that it all comes together in the end. Print and distribute to residents who are very proud. This is a lovely activity for seniors!

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Sally 22nd Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator
Do you need to keep repeating the story as you go along. Many of my ressies are quite deaf and find it hard to follow. We play "I went to market and I bought......: and I usually need to repeat what we have already bought because they havent heart or paid attention.
Susan 25th Jan 2017
I find because its a story it takes on a life of its own it does help if you have a few more able players but I have found often the most insightful comments have come from the least able residents it helped if they have a character so for example very surprised when a very mild mannered lady who was 'the brides mother' told her daughter DON'T DO IT!! threw the story completely off course but very entertaining.
Barb 23rd Oct 2016 Activities
I do this with a bit of a twist - I tell the residents we are at the airport and we can take a plane to wherever they want. They each pick a place and we discuss what we'd have to eat there, animals we'd see, climate, etc. It is wonderful when the 'journey' brings memories to the surface. Once one of the residents said we were going to New York City to see a Broadway show - we stayed on that one for a week discussing musicals, what we'd eat, who we might see etc. Fun.
Heather 18th Oct 2016
Thanks for reminding me about this, I have not done it for so long, living in the country we have done many stories about going to the river fishing, its so much fun. think I will throw this in tomorrow. love it. thanks for sharing.
Talita 10th Oct 2016
Love this activity idea. Thank you for sharing!