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Activities Coordinator From New South Wales, Australia

About Sally: I am one of a team that includes 2 activity coordinators and one welfare officer in a Government Day Centre in the Upper Hunter Valley. We are open 4 hours a day Monday to Friday.

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Sally 10th Mar 2023 Activities Coordinator


We do a month long "Under the Sea" every 2 years. We loved "International Ice Cream Day" this year. Craft, cooking and colour therapy worked well here. Get the Youtube clip for "Making ice cream in 5 mins. It really worked! We combine Left handers day with sandwich day each August for a fun day.
Sally 26th Sep 2022 Activities Coordinator

15 Minutes to Share...

This game is great but I would love some more ideas. I don't do it with the numbers as I have a mixture of clients with high cognitive functions and dementia. We've also added the concept of living in the city and winning the lottery so you can set up a farm from scratch. This is good as we live in the Hunter Valley of NSW.
So, more situations would be great!
Sally 30th Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator


Yes that’s very true. My group is a mixed bunch and not all with dementia diagnosis. I do end up asking questions but I often see craft activities on Facebook where clients have used imagination and wonder what I. Hold do better.
Sally 26th Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator


Does anyone find it hard to encourage imagination in their clients? We had two new clients start the other day in our community day centre. I thought it would be good to do an ice breaker. So I asked them each 3 questions
1. What is your name
2. Where were you born
3. Have you ever wanted to be called something different?

None of them had ever thought of it or could come up with another name that they liked. I’ve tried this sort of thing before and found the same thing

Any thoughts?
Sally 15th Jul 2022 Activities Coordinator


Hi everyone. Isn't it great to be getting back to work with clients. I am in community aged care and we haven't been together since last August. I'm hoping to celebrate Oktoberfest this year and am looking for dvds about Germany. We don't have a smart tv and have spoken to the library but was looking for good recommendations for "tourist style" dvds.
thanks in advance.
Sally 17th May 2022 Activities Coordinator

Craft Pirate Ship

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Pirate Ship
Sally 29th Nov 2021 Activities Coordinator

7 Tips for a Fruitcake Social

I'd be interested to see how this event went with your clients. It sounds like lots of fun from our point of view but I can't help thinking that clients would be shocked at the waste of food. I know that the two different groups I have worked with (community and residential) would not have coped. Everyone's different I guess.
Sally 5th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator


I work in an Aged Day Centre and we are doing a Virtual Tour down the local river during August. It is almost organised but I would love to have a few fun games up my sleeve. Can anyone suggest some games that would be related to the following subjects. Cattle, Horses, Environment or Mining? My group has a mixture of cognitive and mobility levels. Thanks in advance.
Sally 25th Jun 2021 Activities Coordinator


I’m looking for inspiration. The attached photo is a cardboard container measuring 20x7cm. We have heaps of them donated by the covid vaccination clinic in our community health area. Perfectly clean. What would you make from them?
Sally 28th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Red or Black Card Game

I tried this game for the first time this week. I wasn't convinced it would work but we had a hoot!. Lots of fun for different levels of cognition.