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Activities Coordinator From New South Wales, Australia

About Sally: I am one of a team that includes 2 activity coordinators and one welfare officer in a Government Day Centre in the Upper Hunter Valley. We are open 4 hours a day Monday to Friday.

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Sally 5th Aug 2021 Activities Coordinator


I work in an Aged Day Centre and we are doing a Virtual Tour down the local river during August. It is almost organised but I would love to have a few fun games up my sleeve. Can anyone suggest some games that would be related to the following subjects. Cattle, Horses, Environment or Mining? My group has a mixture of cognitive and mobility levels. Thanks in advance.
Sally 25th Jun 2021 Activities Coordinator


I’m looking for inspiration. The attached photo is a cardboard container measuring 20x7cm. We have heaps of them donated by the covid vaccination clinic in our community health area. Perfectly clean. What would you make from them?
Sally 28th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Red or Black Card Game

I tried this game for the first time this week. I wasn't convinced it would work but we had a hoot!. Lots of fun for different levels of cognition.
Sally 5th Feb 2021 Activities Coordinator

Lucky Dog Card Game

We like this game and call it Hoi
Sally 19th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator


Hi Susan,
Sorry just to be clear, I’m looking for ideas for displays other than kitchen.
Sally 17th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator


I'm hoping to organise a Vintage Kitchen Week next year. I want to include utensils, aprons, cookbooks. I work in a Day Centre (ie not Residential) We had a wedding expo a couple of years ago and got examples from staff (Community Health) as well as clients.

What I'm looking for is suggestions for other types of display weeks that the public and staff could be involved with.
Sally 26th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator


I work in a government Day Centre in the Hunter Valley of NSW. During COVID19 we have no clients in our centre but have been allowed to visit them in their homes for a restricted period of time. During NAIDOC we have a "Door decorating competition " throughout the Health Department of the Hunter New England district. We only have one client that identifies as "Aboriginal" and she doesn't wish to pursue that identity. I would be appreciative of your thoughts as to discussing Aboriginal culture and peoples with my clients. Some of them have definate negative attitudes to Aboriginal people and would refuse to be part of the crafts offered.
I have found this before when Japanese or German culture days are offered.
Do we just respect their attitudes and move on?
Do we encourage them to learn a bit?
What about people with a dementia diagnosis?
Sally 23rd Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator

Color Sorting for Memory Care

I know longer work in an Aged Care Facility but I used to spend some time doing Art in the Dementia wing. I had one lady who used to love to sort. Each Wednesday afternoon I used to arrive with a draw full of multi-coloured toothpicks. I'd say "look at this!! someone has got into my draw!. These are no use to me. I need to have them organised into colour groups." She'd say to me. "Don't worry love, I'll fix this " 1/2 hr later she would present me with six containers each of a different colour. Priceless.
Sally 26th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator


Does anyone do Quilling as an activity? At the centre I work we have a couple of clients that are very accomplished but I would also love to teach some of my clients that are beginners or have some level of Dementia. I've seen it done without tools in a very loose fashion. Anyone had any experience of this?
Sally 19th Feb 2019 Activities Coordinator

What goes in here?

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