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Recreational Activities Officer From New South Wales, Australia

About Sally: I am one of three RAOs in a 127bed facility in Central Western NSW. We have a High Dependance Area, Dementia and Low Dependence (that I am in).

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Sally 23rd Aug 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Colour Sorting

I know longer work in an Aged Care Facility but I used to spend some time doing Art in the Dementia wing. I had one lady who used to love to sort. Each Wednesday afternoon I used to arrive with a draw full of multi-coloured toothpicks. I'd say "look at this!! someone has got into my draw!. These are no use to me. I need to have them organised into colour groups." She'd say to me. "Don't worry love, I'll fix this " 1/2 hr later she would present me with six containers each of a different colour. Priceless.
Sally 26th Feb 2019 Recreational Activities Officer


Does anyone do Quilling as an activity? At the centre I work we have a couple of clients that are very accomplished but I would also love to teach some of my clients that are beginners or have some level of Dementia. I've seen it done without tools in a very loose fashion. Anyone had any experience of this?
Sally 19th Feb 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

What goes in here?

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: What goes in Here?
Sally 21st Sep 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

The Magic Table: An Interactive Game

Looking forward to this being available in Australia
Sally 21st Aug 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

4 Ways to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

I agree with the exercise use. We use "Row, row..." "The Grand old Duke ....." and "Incy, wincy, spider..." when we do exercise class. If I don't start singing, someone reminds me.
Sally 20th Aug 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

Left-Zone Area Activity

It was a great morning! The librarian was bright and cheery and brought lots of supplies? My clients with the dementia still handled most of the activities? Get in touch with your local library, they are a great resource!
Sally 12th Aug 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

Left-Zone Area Activity

We are trying this for the first time tomorrow at my new job. It was popular at my old job but my new place as a lady without a left arm so we have adjusted the day to a Braintraining day and having a visit from the local librarian. We are still having a small Left Handed Zone for those clients who may not cope well with the braintraining exercises. Will keep you in the loop
Sally 16th Jul 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

Scent Guessing

We had a sensory day today. The clients weren't sure to start with (high functioning) but changed there minds. As well as the range of smells to guess we had hand massages and salt dough rolling and cutting (touch)
Sally 20th Apr 2018 Recreational Activities Officer

Salt Dough Beads

I don't have an oven in my Day Centre. Could the clients make the beats and I cover them on a try with gladwrap and take them home to cook?
Sally 9th Jan 2018 Recreational Activities Officer


I'm starting work soon at an aged day centre. I've had 5 years experience as an RAO but the needs are different here. I'd love to pick the brains of experienced coordinators for what works well in this situation.