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Seru 26th Jul 2020 Careers
I use balloon and each resident has a cut to size pool noodle to hit the balloon with and keep it in the air a warm up before exercise so much laughter, then ready for exercise.
Janet 17th Oct 2019 Coordinator, Adult Day Center
Balloons are a terrific tool - cheap, fun and loads of things to do with them!
Talita 20th Oct 2019
Yes balloons are great, so much fun and so versatile! Thanks Janet.
Michelle 22nd Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
And sometimes I ask my clients to swap hands- use their non dominant hand . we use a short pool noodle to hit the balloons and try to keep it / them off the ground ! Yes, after a bit of time, I throw in a second balloon!

Also, musical balloons. I play music like the chicken dance. They pass the balloon or ball from person to person . I turn my back to them and randomly stop the music . Who ever has the balloon or ball in their hand has to perform an action like rowing a boat or rocking a baby or tap their head while rubbing their tummy ....
pauline 19th May 2016 lifestyle coordinator
Hi ya we have used the big balloons they are ok expensive .I use the balloons from reject shop the punching balloons they are in the party section
Darla 14th May 2016 Recreation and Rehab Manager
I use balloons; Mylar balloons, as we are unable to use latex. Could someone tell me where I could locate 90 cm balloons, which are larger ones? We have a great time with giant beach ball in circle, and I am interested in the giant balloon.

in Canada
Suzie 29th May 2015 coordinator
I use this with my clients, it's great fun but also very beneficial for concentration and focus while counting as well as hand eye coordination and improving and maintaining gross motor skills. I add a bit of a twist where we use a short swim noodle to balance the ball and pass to another client...
heather 1st Sep 2014 DIVERSIONAL THERAPIST
Very similar to my game where we use wooden spoons as bats
Margaret 17th Aug 2014 lifestyle and carer
Hi There ,
Balloons are great fun , we have introduced hitting them with a half length noodle , excellent eye , hand co ordination , cognitive and physical stimulation , laughter plus , plus .keep the ideas coming please.

Sue 7th Aug 2014 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Hi There
I to have introduced Balloon Fun to my residents.
I use 2, 90cm balloons and hit them around to the residents. The larger balloons i find are more fun to use than the small ones. We put on music as well and we all have a laugh.
Nicola 29th Jul 2014 activities co-ordinator
Hi melaleuce
This could be away of good exercise and sounds like fun.
I will try this out next week.