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Nicola 10th Feb 2016 activities co-ordinator

How to Host a Country & Western Themed Party

This seems really a greet idea and can't wait to do this at work. I think everyone will enjoy it !
Nicola 3rd Jan 2016 activities co-ordinator

Inspirational Short Story - The Scottish Farmer

OMG, what a inspirational stories,(IS IT TURE)hope so.I think my residents will enjoy this.
Thank you.
Nicola 29th Oct 2014 activities co-ordinator

Remembering the clothesline

Can't wait to talk to my residents about clotheslines. Will also try the games with pegs.
Does anyone know how to do the IRONING???!!!

Nicola 29th Jul 2014 activities co-ordinator


Hi melaleuce
This could be away of good exercise and sounds like fun.
I will try this out next week.
Nicola 1st Apr 2014 activities co-ordinator

Laughing Circle Game

Sounds like it could be fun. Will give it a go tomorrow.
ha! ha! ha!