New Year's Eve Dice Game

New Year's Eve Dice Game

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 This game was such a hit with my residents I thought why not apply the same concept for the different Holidays.

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Julia 28th Dec 2023 Activity Assistant
Hi there, are they trying to be the first to cross all the pictures off?
Talita 30th Dec 2023
That's right! The first player to mark off all the images is the winner!
Elise 23rd Dec 2022 Director Of Operations
Do the players take turns rolling a die? or do they all get their own die to roll - like a race?
Susan 3rd Jan 2023 Activity Director
Hi Elise
I think you can do it either way depending on the group and how many people there are
Susan 8th Jun 2022 Activity Director
Thank you for sharing this Emily
Emily 8th Jun 2022 Activities Assistant
Love this! I made a summer one!