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Kymberly 24th Aug 2019 Activities Coordinator

How To Structure Reminiscing Sessions For Seniors

This is exactly my session structure. I'd been doing it for 10 years, and have heaps of topics that inspire endless conversation, sometimes good memories, sometimes not, but i dont think that matters. Pictures are great! From holding up a pic of a kitchen utensil to a hardware tool. And the best session is when you dont have to say anything at all except to make sure everyone gets their turn to voice their input
Kymberly 19th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator

True or False Lollipops

Wonderful way to get people involved in discussion. Thank you

Kymberly 17th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Dance Hall Days Reminiscing

Kymberly 1st Sep 2018 Activities Coordinator

Coffee & Conversation

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: 'Coffee & Conversation'
Kymberly 24th Jul 2018 Activities Coordinator

Hand Massage & Nail Care

How have you separated hand massage and nail painting carol?
Kymberly 6th Jul 2018 Activities Coordinator

Free Music Playlists for the Elderly

How is the sound quality from your computer? Do you have amplified speakers attached?
Kymberly 30th Apr 2018 Activities Coordinator

Look & Listen

For those who have done this, has it worked better to pick one common 'show & tell' day for everyone to bring something? I had in mind for people to take turns, and they seemed to be too self-conscious of what they were bringing, that it wasnt interesting enough, even despite my encouragement and everyone else's. Does everyone take turns talking about their item?
Kymberly 18th Apr 2018 Activities Coordinator


I have the same position in supported living Nori. We serve them tea and coffee, and a piece of cake or bisc, starting 1/2 hour before the activity, served up by volunteers. The activity is advertised at this time, and seats are encouraged to be filled away from the door first so that those stubborn 'late -comers' can be seated without too much disruption. And if they come late I'll say "shouldve been here earlier for a cuppa". But I do have a list of ppl who need assistance to get to the activities, and carers who need to get them there early. And door knocking helps but if you make a habit of it ppl will get lazy and start to rely on reminders
Kymberly 20th Feb 2018 Activities Coordinator

Alphabet Game

I like doing surnames are also a profession or linked to their background & what someone might have done for a living, like abbot, archer, baker, carpenter, driver, English, fisher, gardener, hunter, Brewer, Butcher, Carter, Clark, Cooper, Cook, Dyer, Farmer, Faulkner, Fisher, Fuller, Glover, Head, Hunt, Judge, Mason, Page, Parker, Potter, Sawyer, Slater, Smith, Taylor, Thatcher, Turner, Weaver, Woodman, and Wright - I have a list of each of the alphabet and do a mime for some, and we chat about their names and their partner's names
Kymberly 10th Jan 2018 Activities Coordinator

Reminiscing with Vintage Photos

Love the activity. The photos are just a prompt to find Australian pics of my own, exactly the kind of discussion i need weekly. Extended to how they paid getting on, how they let the driver when they wanted to get off, family recipe secrets, earning an extra dollar when they were children. More of them please