We use a resident's walker (no oproblem getting one to borrow) and attached a resistance exercise band to the handles to use as a slingshot. A beanbag or small plastic ball works as the ammunition.

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Virginia 5th Nov 2021 Activities Specialist
I'd have to try this one. Thank you for the idea, Jim!
Susan 10th Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Diane
Thank you for sharing your experience
It sounds like you had a lot of fun
Keep up the good work
Diane 10th Aug 2021 Activity Coordinator
I tried this at Happy Hour on Friday and it was a huge hit! A couple of the men gave me tips on how to hold the stretchy band and how to aim. The whole room was laughing at my bad attempts! Several tried and got a few good shots off. I plan on making into some kind of competition like a distance thing or set up targets. I used a large Styrofoam ball. Thanks for such a fun idea!
Jim 10th Aug 2021 Wellness Manager
One of our "slingshooters" in action!
Talita 7th Aug 2021
Another great activity idea, thank you Jim!