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Diane 2nd Sep 2021 Activity Coordinator

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

I love picture Scavenger Hunts and they have been a hit with the residents here.
I have used a couple of the picture bingo games from this sight for very fun Scavenger Hunts. So far I've used the Bird Bingo game and the Sightseeing Bingo. I just hide the calling cards around the Lodge and give each participant a bingo card and off they go. Good exercise and lots of fun!
Thanks for posting Rebecca!
Diane 27th Aug 2021 Activity Coordinator

Roll It, Play It

My residents love all the dice games from this site! This one looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing Carman.
Diane 10th Aug 2021 Activity Coordinator

Walker Slingshot Game

I tried this at Happy Hour on Friday and it was a huge hit! A couple of the men gave me tips on how to hold the stretchy band and how to aim. The whole room was laughing at my bad attempts! Several tried and got a few good shots off. I plan on making into some kind of competition like a distance thing or set up targets. I used a large Styrofoam ball. Thanks for such a fun idea!
Diane 8th Jun 2021 Activity Coordinator

From Start to Finish Game

Thank you Carman for sharing your game! I sat and played it at my desk to try it out and it was the perfect mix of fun and frustration! I think my residents are really going to enjoy it! I love having new activities to try out and this site has given me a lot of my games. Thank you GoldenCarers for giving us a place to share ideas.
Diane 12th May 2021 Activity Coordinator


Thank you Kim and Jean! Great ideas!
Diane 7th May 2021 Activity Coordinator


Thank you both for your replies and ideas. We are not allowed to do cooking at this time but I have seen most of the cooking activities on your site. I like the veggie and dip idea. I would like to have them try different kinds of veggies, but being in a small community with a small grocery store there isn't much selection. I will definitely use the Veggies and Dip idea.
Thanks again!
Take Care
Diane 6th May 2021 Activity Coordinator


Hello! I have been an Activity Coordinator at a 50 bed Seniors Lodge now for 4 1/2 years and love it! I have found that I get the biggest group participation when there is food involved and I was wondering if any of you have ideas for food for sampling, or just yummy treats? So far I have Rootbeer Floats, Ice Cream Sundaes, Banana Splits, Sample frozen yogurt, cheese and an assortment of pickled things. I already do popcorn afternoons and Ice Cream Socials with things like Fudgesicles etc. I need a few more ideas as I plan on doing at least two a month over the summer months. Thank you in advance and keep safe out there.
Diane 26th Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator


We had a Korean lady with us for a few months and we couldn't communicate with her. We got together as a staff and made a list of words and small phrases that her daughter translated for us. It helped a bit. The only activities of mine she came to were exercises and crafts. I had her coloring a lot as that's pretty universal. Eventually her family found her a seniors home that had other Korean's and she is much happier. Good Luck!
Diane 6th Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator


Try going to That's where I printed my large print cards from. I just checked and they have cards 1-90. Good luck!
Diane 28th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator


Christmas window clings, garland hung high enough that no one could touch them, plastic wall hangings. I'm in the same boat but have a few things up.