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Diane 28th Nov 2020 Activity Coordinator


Christmas window clings, garland hung high enough that no one could touch them, plastic wall hangings. I'm in the same boat but have a few things up.
Diane 29th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

6 Fun & Easy Dice Games for the Elderly

I have already been playing a couple of these but found 3 new ones in this list. I hesitated about the beetle one, hoping they didn't find it too childish. We played it today and haven't laughed so much in a long time!
Thank you for all of your great ideas!
Diane 10th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator


I have one blind resident who once could see and he really enjoys a game I play called What's in the Bag? You put common everyday items into a cloth bag one at a time and have them guess what the items are by feeling them. Some things I've used are kitchen gadgets, office supplies like roll of tape, hole punch, pen, pencil, stapler etc. Another thing he enjoys is trivia.
Good luck!
Diane 26th May 2020 Activity Coordinator


Hi Jessica,
I ordered a set of "Trivia for Seniors" books from a Canadian company called Spectrum Nasco, I think they are based in Ontario. They have an online Catalogue at It is a set of 3 trivia books called "This and That", "More This and That", and "Even More This and That". They are 82 pages, with quizzes and trivia on both sides so 164 total in the book. I use mine all the time and just skip the odd question that is difficult. Or use it anyway for learning something new!
Good luck!
Diane 9th Apr 2020 Activity Coordinator

DIY Horse Race Game

I LOVE this idea! We do a horse racing game that the residents love, but only 6 can play at a time and we can't play it now with all the new rules. I can make a "track", laminate it, and go around to rooms. Great idea! Thank you!
Take care
Diane 13th Mar 2020 Activity Coordinator


I have been taking a bottle of hand sanitizer with me to all activities and everyone participating uses it before and after the activity and if anyone coughs or sneezes etc. during the activity they get an extra squirt.
Diane 8th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator


We don't have anything on their doors except their picture (some don't want it on their door so it isn't) and their first initial and last name. However, I do what I call Birthday Bio's which I post on a bulletin board in the dining room during the month of their birthday. On those I put their picture, the day of the month they were born, where they were born, where they grew up, what their parents did for a living, how many brothers and sisters they had, where they went to school, what kinds of jobs did they have, hobbies and sports they enjoyed, places they've traveled to, how many children they had, how many grandchildren and great-grandchildren they have, ending with when they moved into the lodge.
I hope this helps Deb, and good luck!
Diane 4th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator

Nursery Rhymes Quiz 4

I'm so happy that you included the rhymes along with the quiz.. we always get stuck on the wording when saying the verses out loud. Thank-you!
Diane 29th Nov 2019 Activity Coordinator

Armchair Travel to Italy

I have been thinking about starting arm chair travel sessions but didn't know where to start! I have a big set of travel DVD's to use, and now I have lots of ideas on things to do along with the DVD's! Thank you so much!
Diane 17th Jul 2019 Activity Coordinator


Hi Dee, I've just started doing "Carnivals" in the spring and fall. I found several games in an educational catalogue which gave me the idea. I've done two now and they were big hits. I have 6 game stations set up with small prizes at each station. We have a popcorn machine so make that to give to everyone. Cotton Candy is a prize at one of the games. I also serve lemonade. I also play carnival/circus music that I found on YouTube. My main focus is having fun playing the various games like ring toss, mini golf, throwing a roll of toilet paper into a toilet ( a pail with a toilet seat attached), throwing coins into glasses and cups and winning the one you get the coin (poker chip) into, etc. Lots of laughs and reminiscing about having fun when they were younger.
Good luck with yours!