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Vanessa 14th Jun 2023 Activities Co-Ordinator


Is there a guideline CQC document explaining exactly how, and what we should be doing regarding keeping documents, taking photos, tick lists, what data and information do they need, do they want individual files for each resident, what do they want us to include? it seems to me that it is different for every home surely there's a standard guideline book we can all learn from, and if so where can I get one from?

I work in a care nursing home and we have 26 residents we are not a dementia home.

Your comments would be very useful I think we are doing ok but I want to be on full tracks and know that we have everything possible in every direction, in pace.


Nessy :)
Vanessa 14th Oct 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator

Pot Luck Quiz 55

Fabulous, these quizzes go down so well on a weekly basis. I include them with my weekly activities list. :)
Vanessa 27th Sep 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator

Spa Time Hand & Face Massages

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Spa time
Vanessa 27th Sep 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator


The armchair travel activities are amazing we have had heaps of fun, throwing in word searches, bingo it’s amazing so a huge big thank you Wr have recently done France and last week Italy xx our good trolleys are a great edition offering residents sone snacks
Vanessa 2nd Aug 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator

Broadway Musicals Word Search

My residents love their weekly word searches I attach them to our activity sheets
Vanessa 22nd Jun 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator


Is there a template we can download?
Vanessa 26th Apr 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator

Bird Types Matching Game

Fabulous, I know my residents will love this, I can give you some feedback later on :)
Vanessa 13th Feb 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator


You can always email me and we can talk about perfect ideas [email protected] my name is Nessy :)
Vanessa 13th Feb 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator


Good evening,

Well all I can say is thank you so much for all your input, it really does make things easier during these somewhat "difficult times".

One game I would like to share with you is Balloon Badminton all your need is a balloon and two rackets, I have a resident who is 97 and she loves this and gets very competitive. It is brilliant for hand eye coordination and gets the heart going.

We have had a lot of fun with this, as I hope you all will.

Also a great favourite is floor dominoes - does anyone know where I can get some big floor games from i.e. snakes and ladders etc
Vanessa 13th May 2020 Activities Co-Ordinator


I am looking for some inspiration during lockdown all our residents are staying in their rooms I have been doing 1:1 sessions but need some quick fire quizzes or something similar, I do have one resident who loves word searches anything really