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Vanessa 26th Apr 2022 Activities Co-Ordinator

Bird Types Matching Game

Fabulous, I know my residents will love this, I can give you some feedback later on :)
Vanessa 13th Feb 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator


You can always email me and we can talk about perfect ideas [email protected] my name is Nessy :)
Vanessa 13th Feb 2021 Activities Co-Ordinator


Good evening,

Well all I can say is thank you so much for all your input, it really does make things easier during these somewhat "difficult times".

One game I would like to share with you is Balloon Badminton all your need is a balloon and two rackets, I have a resident who is 97 and she loves this and gets very competitive. It is brilliant for hand eye coordination and gets the heart going.

We have had a lot of fun with this, as I hope you all will.

Also a great favourite is floor dominoes - does anyone know where I can get some big floor games from i.e. snakes and ladders etc
Vanessa 13th May 2020 Activities Co-Ordinator


I am looking for some inspiration during lockdown all our residents are staying in their rooms I have been doing 1:1 sessions but need some quick fire quizzes or something similar, I do have one resident who loves word searches anything really
Vanessa 12th Jan 2020 Activities Co-Ordinator


My residents love daily quizzes so any suggestions would be gratefully received, quick fire questions go down well.