A great game to get to know you residents, and see what you have in common! Similar to penny ante... see what other questions you can come up with!
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A great game to get to know you residents, and see what you have in common! Similar to penny ante... see what other questions you can come up with!

Write participants names on a whiteboard, and mark a point for each item they have done.

I asked my residents to explain their answer before I would give them a point to make it more exciting and enhance conversation.

Have You Ever?

  1. Flown in an airplane?
  2. Had a dog?
  3. Rode a horse?
  4. Lived outside of Canada?
  5. Gotten a ticket?
  6. Had kids?
  7. Sewn your own clothes?
  8. Swam in ocean?
  9. Been to the zoo?
  10. Won a trophy?
  11. Had any allergies?
  12. Lived on a farm?
  13. Can you speak another language?
  14. Broken a bone?
  15. Been stuck in a storm?
  16. Built you own house?
  17. Had a pen pal?
  18. Know +2 languages?
  19. Owned a rodent as a pet?
  20. Been in a car accident?
  21. Known how to two-step?
  22. Rode an off-road vehicle?
  23. Dyed your hair?
  24. Been to Hawaii/Mexico?
  25. Been on a train?
  26. Worked night shift?
  27. Eaten a whole pizza?
  28. Won a game of monopoly?
  29. Kissed an animal?
  30. Had a gym membership?
  31. Planted a tree?
  32. Sung karaoke?
  33. Slept in regular clothing?
  34. Been scared of clowns?
  35. Shot a gun?
  36. Met a celebrity?
  37. Caught a bug?
  38. Made a snowman?
  39. Seen an elephant in real life? (Rode one)
  40. Cut your own hair?
  41. Been sprayed by a skunk?
  42. Had a surprise party given to you?

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Betty Guida 13th Oct 2022
Sounds like something our guests will enjoy. I think we'll use beans
Julie 5th Nov 2020
I use this a lot in MSU. It stimulates conversation and they love to reminisce with some questions. Thanks for sharing
Susan 21st Oct 2019 Activity Director
Great idea Cary
I am sure others will try it this
Caty 19th Oct 2019 Director
We play a similar game we call “Chip on the table”. We pass out poker chips and if they answer yes to a question you put a chip on the table. This leads to lots of follow-up questions. The first person to get to 10 chips wins.
Shannon 28th Aug 2019 Activity Director
This is a great game I have also tried a whole stack of index cards and wrote questions on them for ex. Have you ever done a shivery, what color was your wedding , who was your first kiss. What pattern was your dishes, and have you ever rode in a wheel barrel, Some really fun questions.
Solange 28th Aug 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Shannon, thank you very much for sharing the extra questions.
Gina 27th Aug 2019
What a great game. Love it.
Nicki 24th Aug 2019 OT Assistant
Can’t wait to try it .
Susan 31st Jul 2019 Activity Director
Great idea Shannon
Shannon 30th Jul 2019 Activity Director
i took index cards and wrote each question on the card and went around ask each one have you ever, i went all the way back to Have you ever done a chivary what color was your wedding , did you ever go hunting, how many slept in one bed. It strikes conversations for awhile. So much fun.
Susan 17th Jul 2019 Activity Director
I like the idea of using bells with different sounds
Gail 16th Jul 2019 Activity Assistant
I play a version of this game with similar questions, and call it “Ring Your Bell.” We have a set of handbells and some small tambourines in our activity dept. I tell the residents (all with Dementia) to ring their bell if they ever had a dog, travelled to Ireland, camped in a tent, etc. They seem to really enjoy this, especially since each bell is pitched to a different note, and the bells sound beautiful together.
Susan 13th Jul 2019 Activity Director
This looks like a great game to play with your residents
If you wanted it could even help you with assessments by adding relavent questions
If you want to make it more for those with dementia instead of asking the question have you ever you could say tell me about a time you .....
Thank you so much
Jessica 13th Jul 2019 Administrative Assistant
This is lovely! Printed it off this morning to enhance our coffee time!
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