A great game to get to know you residents, and see what you have in common! Similar to penny ante... see what other questions you can come up with!

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Susan 17th Jul 2019 Activity Director
I like the idea of using bells with different sounds
Gail 16th Jul 2019 Activity Assistant
I play a version of this game with similar questions, and call it “Ring Your Bell.” We have a set of handbells and some small tambourines in our activity dept. I tell the residents (all with Dementia) to ring their bell if they ever had a dog, travelled to Ireland, camped in a tent, etc. They seem to really enjoy this, especially since each bell is pitched to a different note, and the bells sound beautiful together.
Susan 13th Jul 2019 Activity Director
This looks like a great game to play with your residents
If you wanted it could even help you with assessments by adding relavent questions
If you want to make it more for those with dementia instead of asking the question have you ever you could say tell me about a time you .....
Thank you so much
Jessica 13th Jul 2019 Activities Aide
This is lovely! Printed it off this morning to enhance our coffee time!
Jayleen 12th Jul 2019 Activity Assistant
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Have You Ever Game